Easy Does It

Ahh I’m about to go sleep now.

I Wish I knew How It Would Feel To Be Free
by Nina Simone

Didn’t have much to blog about this weekend. Pretty busy and was kinda not in the mood too. Spent my Saturday doing some stuff then went out with just Ken for supper at Charco’s. Clearly eating there for lunch would be a better choice compared to supper.

Woke up late in the afternoon today; must have been the whisky last night. Immediately went for my first practical lesson and suffice to say, as expected, had some problems with my balance on the bike. Got the hang of it after a while but cannot negotiate a bend yet. This beats learning to ride a bicycle though. Nothing like the nice rumble of the engine, haha. The bike’s kinda nice too, a Honda CG125. Will see how that compares to the Phantom next year.

A little surprised to see there was a quite a number of girls there too though, higher than what I had estimated. I seriously want to go practice right now. It’s the sort of thing I want to do on my own time and get comfortable with. And also not worry about screwing up my corner turn, braking and wondering if someone’s going to crash into me from behind, haha. Ah well. For some odd reason… I have blisters on both my palms afterward from the handlebars. Weird. Hopefully heals soon? My hands really important, even during NS…

So will be going back to resume with my first lesson. Hopefully achieve better handling. Not sure when I’m booking it though. I’ve ran out of spending income and cut into my savings by about $40. I passively continue my vigil in search of a flexible weekend job.

Wanna watch a couple of movies. Fanboys, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Up!. I’ve noticed Gran Torino being advertised: it’s a good movie. Recently saw this trailer for Public Enemies. Awesome leading actors. Dunno when it’ll release here though.

Discovered two bands, Debauchery and Bolt Thrower, from Germany and England respectively. Metal bands with lots of Warhammer references. Loving it, haha. There’s even a song called “Blood For The Blood God”. Damn. Talk about anthems.

Didn’t manage to buy any books or CDs this month. My motorbike lessons kinda ate up the budget for those. Gonna have to up my money intake. Then there’s also the bi-monthly purchases like health products, contacts etc.

I’m also in need of a new bag. It’s no longer a want: starting to show really bad signs of wear and tear. Guessing maybe get one nice bag for going out and one separate, huge canvas one for army. Will be getting those along with a new wallet.

Really random post here. Will go hit the bed after attending to my fingernails.
Good night Mayonites~

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