Men are from Mars,
Women are from Venus,
and I’m from freaking Pluto!

Listening: Under My Skin by Rachael Yamagata
Needing: Money! And a physical check on my wrist
Wanting: Game prices to drop
No YouTube video… so click to listen!

Rawr people owe me money.
Going to have to chase for it next week =A=

My internet connection seems to be a little unstable lately. Torrents are slow and surfing YouTube has proven to be testing at best. In any case, I need to drop by HMV next month and buy Lady GaGa’s “Fame” and Rachael Yamagata’s “Elephants… Teeth Sinking Into Heart” albums. So looking forward to getting them!

Went for my Theory Trial Test earlier in the afternoon. Was easy. I wish it was my Theory Test so I could have gotten it over and done with, haha. I’m going to have to wait until 8 May to take it now. Means I’m going to have to revise again later on. Meh.

Good God-Emperor I want to smack this connection into work! Speed up dammit. Well, at least managed to find someway for you to listen to the song I put up for this post.

There’s a bunch of games I’ve been wanting to buy but have been holding back. I don’t have tha luxury of getting them all in one fell swoop, so I guess I’ll grab Resident Evil 5 together with the map-packs for Call of Duty 4 and 5 in April. I just need to find a way to buy stuff from the Australian PlayStation Network… hmm.

Counting down the days to the Yamagata concert. Whee~ I figure she’ll most likely play the songs from her new album but I do hope she plays old favorites from Happenstance. Pleasantly surprised to find the seats being snatched up pretty fast. Lots of fans in the region :D What I’d give to get to meet her after the performance, even if it’s just for an autograph!

Had a somewhat interesting dream couple of days back:

To start with the dull stuff for most of you, there was one part that consisted of me waking up in the guard room (I was on duty that night) and finding myself to be in a place run by enslaved by the mentally infirm. As I made my way downstairs, I headed to the toilet outside. I have no idea why it’s a separate building and what I did there is hazy by now. Nothing significant I believe; was looking for someone. I left the lavatory, headed in a different direction and found myself walking down a muted, dusty urban area.

I approached a small side road and noticed a waaaay beat up vehicle moving up to join the main road. I mean seriously, there were no windows or doors at all. I think there weren’t even any tires. It looked like it shouldn’t be moving but it did. Somehow or rather that didn’t strike as much to me in the beginning. What caught my attention were it’s passengers: a bunch of naked, mutilated humans.

I looked down. When I looked back up, the car was driving off and had turned into a lorry. On the back were more of said mutilated humans with their blank stares and blotches of blood. I noticed the blood left a trail. I followed it to the road and learned that the entire road was covered in blood. In fact, both sides of the pavement were filled with these creatures, feeding the place with their blood. A phrase, or sensation, I can’t really describe which, came to me and what I got out of it was that this was a world dedicated to the Blood God.

Naturally, it scared the hell out of me. I’m still a regular humie after all, haha. When I woke up I told myself hey that’d be cool. If I served the Blood God I wouldn’t be human anymore anyway.

There were two other scenes in the dream-chain. Both of which involving certain people. Of which I have no desire to talk about here. There are some things you don’t move on from, because some feelings don’t die; you just learn to live with it.

Wow my torrents are so sloooooow…

I checked out the recently-opened Fairprice at Yew Tee Point and found myself loitering at the hot beverages section. Speaking of which…

Please do not consume beverages that are still hot! Give them some time to cool, as studies now show they increase the risk of esophageal cancer. That’s at your throat region, if you still remember your digestive-system bio. No conclusive links to suggest it could be the tea. I highly suspect it’s the temperature that’s causing it. I admit that I’ve been guilty of it some times. Piping hot drinks are great on occasion =(

Yeah so I was at Fairprice. I think I’m going to buy a tea-strainer and start drinking loose-leaf tea. About damn time I made the transitional jump from bags. I doubt you can make coffee using the same strainer though, haha. Shall give coffee beans a shot some other time.

Uh-huh. Another one of your friendly this-and-that post.
I’m starting to worry greatly for my thinking ability lately =(

Damn army and it’s monotonous work.

Oh oh! I’m going to have to do that write-up and convince the army to permanently switch to paper cups rather than Styrofoam cups. I notice it’s not consistent and the consumption-rate for Styrofoam cups is horrendous. Save the world, yo. Wonder if it’ll fall on deaf eyes again though. Like my plurk feedback on more accessible emotes and 30-sec-window edits. No word since. Tsk.


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