I apologize for being late in updating, my little gaggle of Mayonites.
The week has left me emotionally drained so wasn’t in much of a mood to blog. Pretty exhausted with all the rehearsals too. Had my debut performance today. Meh. Shall talk about it next week once the video gets on YT.

My wrist now hurts more. I hit my shoulder too during rehearsal. So much pain =(

I’ve decided to try and get back into anime. See how things are going. Took a look at some Asian dramas. Still cannot arouse any interest in them, despite lots of recommendations. Coincidentally, my renewed interest in animu happens to fall during the new season! Yay. Which means I won’t have to lurk for batch torrents and stuff. Though I need to get around to acquiring Toradora!

So what am I looking at?

For starters there’s Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. It’s the second season. (The one thing I worry about sequels are that they don’t usually turn out better than the first season. The only exceptions I can think of right now being Full Metal Panic!, Black Lagoon and umm, huh, can’t think of others. Haha) Enjoyed the first one, though I’m not entirely sure how they’re going to pursue the second in terms of plot. Don’t really remember much in the first either. Coupled with the movie, I think they covered a lot of good story points? Shall see, shall see.

There’s also Queen’s Blade. I have absolutely no idea what it is. Just downloaded it. Scrolled through the video, saw a bunch of girls with nice figures and a lack of clothes with ridiculous amounts of fanservice. Did I mention boobs? I’m sold. Hahaha.

Third would be SHANGRI-LA. It appears to have an awesome production staff and the studio working on it is GONZO. Having high hopes for it once it’s released.

And that’s all. Might give Valkyria Chronicles a shot, but I think I wanna have good memories of it as a game. Haven’t bought it, but the demo was that fun.

Shall be back on Friday!

Was supposed to be on full-day off tomorrow but noooo, they want us to come back for live run in the morning. Taking half-day not much point. Waste transport money and time also.


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