Into battle we ride with Gods by our side
We are strong and not afraid to die
We have an urge to kill and our lust for blood has to be fulfilled
We’ll fight till the end! And send our enemies straight to Hell!

Listening: Into Battle by Ensiferum
Wishing: Shipping costs weren’t so expensive

Do ignore the fact that there’s Lord of The Rings in the video. It has more views = faster streaming.

I’ve been listening to metal lately and naturally have been hesitant about the choice of song to put up. I don’t think my readers listen to metal (and no, Detroit Metal City doesn’t count…).

But lo and behold!
I recently came across this band, Ensiferum. One of the genres they’re considered under is “Viking Metal”. Seriously, just how awesome does that sound? The chorus, solo and bridge are awesome. This has officially replaced Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper” as my battle theme, hahaha.

It’ll be a couple more weeks before I switch gears and listen to another genre. Maybe something instrumental. Haven’t been listening to them for quite some time already.

Anyway just for fun, I thought this up over the past week.

You Know You’ve Been In The Army Too Long When…

1. You try to use your 11B for everything, e.g. board buses, make NETS purchases.

2. Whenever you are about to stop walking, such as before crossing the road, your mind tells you to hentak kaki(march on the spot).

3. You subconsciously begin walking in step with your friends.

4. You feel odd being outdoors without a headdress.

5. You want to get home by 2359HRS; just before “silent hours”.

6. You stare at some middle-aged man approaching from the opposite direction and wonder whether he’s a warrant spec or commissioned officer.

7. You wonder who’s doing guard duty that night… and think of looking outside the window to check before going “Oh wait…”

8. You notice the girls around you. A lot more.

9. You get juniors in your platoon.

10. You find yourself waking up and finding out how many weeks you have left to your ORD.

Yeap. Sad but true. I’m cutting down on some of them though!

Oh did you know? Uniqlo’s got a store opened in Singapore now. Some interesting clothes but I won’t really make the effort of going there unless I’m in the area. Their Bratop seems interesting, ahaha. Check out their screensavers though!

Got some other blog-stuff in mind that I’ll put up over the next couple of days. For now though, coming up in a couple of hours… Happy Good Friday!

Chocolate eggs this Sunday ahoy!


5 thoughts on “Militaristic

  1. heh. cool. my colleague was showing me some videos of this Swedish viking metal band complete with a violinist and accordion player who were ex-swede-folk musicians or something according to him. pretty amusing stuff!

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  3. I wanted to go to Uniqlo on their opening day but guess what, the queue TO GO INTO THE STORE was mega siao. Like 200 people in queue, cordoned off the entire area, the whole building was packed with mad cows, escalators weren’t working. Seriously drama.

  4. @Amanda:

    Yeah the queue was so legendary it even entered the papers, haha. See you were featured in the news! Lol. Heard they got some nice stuff in there

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