Can’t Stop

I honestly have no idea what to start this post with, haha.

Listening: Kingdom For A Heart by Sonata Arctica
Wanting: To have a variety of tea leaves and condiments. A cute tea set perhaps.
Craving for: Meronpan

Believe it or not, I’ve ate natto.
If you don’t know, go ahead and read up on it a little.

Now it did smell like cheese, so that didn’t really put me off. There was the slimy, web-like goo which looked terrible but that was still fine. It tasted not bad really and I honestly think it’d be great if I was eating it with rice.

Yes, I was eating it just by itself.

Weve returned from the grave!

We've returned from the grave!

The texture of it though.
Now that was the killer. That was it. I couldn’t carry on. Like I said, if eaten with rice, I think it wouldn’t be too bad. But not on it’s own please. No. Never again.

Since we’re on the topic of food, I was at Mr. Curry with V again yesterday. It’s nice and all but I dunno, I seem to find something lacking. Maybe because there’s no side dish like a tempura or a hamburg-steak. I’d say I go there again but I want to go try out this place I saw at Liang Court instead.

Maybe it’s because I’m a moderate Japanophile but why do I love lurking around in places selling Japanese food products? I mean damn, as if their apples weren’t tasty enough, even their carrots are! Don’t want to begin on the other culinary delights to be found. Until, that is, I reach the seafood section.

*turns pale*

As anybody knows, I’m not the greatest fan of seafood. Make it look not like seafood then I’d consider. I love Fish N’ Chips after all, hahaha. It has to do with me being a a kid and watching a documentary on live seafood being eaten. Didn’t help that there was a comedy movie afterward (the title escapes my memory) that featured a scene where the bloody fish was wriggling about gaping it’s mouth and the prawns and such were squirming all over the place.

‘Nuff said.

Not sure if any of you have played with it before, as I never had the luxury of anything putty-like back in my younger days, but Silly Putty is totally awesome. Can leave you enthralled for quite some time, haha.

I finally got round to getting my Kinokuniya Privilege Card. Only took up one year because I’m not entirely too sure how much savings I’m going to chalk up over there with it, so just give it a trial period. Took the liberty of getting a few W40K books, two of them part of the Horus Heresy series.

How I long for some well thought-out game in the W40K games. Something that isn’t RTS either. A shooter perhaps; mixed feelings over Space Marine that’s currently in development. Maybe an RPG, seeing how that can really incorporate the tabletop-game elements.

What I dream of, which would be impossible to pull off at the moment, is a FPS-Strategy-MMORPG. Hahaha. I won’t mull over the details, but basically you’re a commander, perhaps a sergeant. It’ll play like a tactical shooter and you can give simple commands to your squad. You have the option of occasionally calling up a tactical display to pull off more elaborate manoeuvrings. Perhaps this part shall be in single-player campaign.

You’ll continue the campaign, warring over in different worlds and systems, slowly rising up through the ranks. Fast-forward a few decades, you command a group of squads, on a bigger battlefield-scale.

Higher rank, control a world-wide battle.
Higher, system-wide.
So on and so-forth =D

All the while, you have the option of returning to your FPS-mode view to take part in the battle personally. For example, direct your command-vehicle to a particular spot to reinforce your forces there via morale or firepower etc. Or heck, even get down and dirty with your bolter and chainsword. Experience points for everybody! Your NPCs have unique names and stick with you all the way until they die from age, disease or war.

When you’ve reached such a status, like a Colonel of the Imperial Guard, First Captain of the Space Marines, a Chaos Champion then you can continue single-player campaign to a point where you can no level-up any higher. Then take it online. War like you’ve never known it, man.

Haha, like I say, near impossible. Massive system requirements on the consumer-side. Server and developer side it’ll be hell. Maintenance, community support, on-going development, additional content… monthly fees would be a must and prolly run at like USD$80/30-days or something.

Ahh, but what a dream, haha.

I end now with a video that will leave you both in awe and terrified.
Seen it long ago but came across it again on a particular blog, and… well… deserves to be shared I guess, haha.

Going to play Resident Evil 5! Then maybe fanboy over Miku Hatsune.

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