See the young man sitting in an old man’s bar, waiting for his turn to die.

Listening: Fisherman’s Horizon (Distant World’s Orchestra) by Nobuo Uematsu

Awesome music but it seems that not every song from the actual concert made it onto the CD. Here’s hoping that there will be a second release. Those interested in listening to the entire album in the proper format can search my plurk for it.

And yes, the Singapore version of the Distant Worlds concert approaches! :D Lucky me I’ve got my tickets early, haha. Hopefully Nobuo Uematsu and Arnie Roth both make an appearance. I wonder which orchestra and choir is involved.

I finished reading False Gods, the second installation in the Horus Heresy series a couple of days back. Was a great read and performed better than expected, following up the first book nicely despite it being written by different authors. Normally I’d carry on reading the third book, but I’ve digressed a bit and am currently reading Dark Apostle. Haven’t gotten far into it yet, shall see how it goes.

I’m taking my love for tea seriously and am expanding. I’m sure it’s not right calling yourself a tea lover when all you drink is bags from Lipton with a few spoonfuls of sugar. I’ve got myself a French press and some loose leaf… uhh… Lipton, haha. The Fairprice outlet at my place didn’t stock any other leaves, so I made do. Bought a small bag so it’ll finish faster :x Anybody know where I can get a better selection of tea leaves?

As for the kinds of tea, I’ve acquired several different bagged versions for use at camp. Currently going through Earl Grey from Twinings. Shall try other flavors and brands, as well as honey, lemon etc. instead of sugar. My tea future aspires to achieve a lot.

Oh shall go make some now in fact. Brb.

#classical interlude plays#
#trays of tea and apple crumble handed out#

Not going into coffee beans just yet. Am happy with my instant-mixes, bags and trips down to the cafe. I do have this tendency to add some alcohol into my bagged black tea with sugar sometimes though. I’m not entirely sure why either. More impact I think?

Making an observation not too long ago, I’ve noticed that I don’t drink carbonated drinks or such as often as other people. I rather just drink plain water. Great way to save on your finances and diet, haha.

I am of the opinion that in perhaps forty to fifty years time, rates for visual and aural impairment as well as diabetes will sharply increase. I don’t want to be part of that statistic. Especially my vision and hearing. I treasure them both dearly now. Effort can be seen when it comes to my hearing but I think there’s a lot more I should be doing for my eyesight. Sigh. I wish there were bio-enhancement surgery available. 20/20 for life plz :(

Went down to Escape Theme Park. There’s this offer going on where, if you add 30 cents more to your ticket price, you’ll be entitled to the following things:

-discount on Costa Sands Resort stay
-free Ferris Wheel ride at E-Hub
-a selected meal at participating restaurants (BBQ Chicken most worthwhile from what I’ve checked out)

That’s just $18 for the public and $15 for NTUC members!
It applies to Wild Wild Wet and some other attractions too I believe.

If you’ve went there (and I believe you have) then remember some of the rides such as the “Inverter” and “Rainbow”? Some of the more livelier rides over there that weren’t open back then? Well guess what. It still isn’t. Or maybe I just haven’t had the luck to be there when it is. Seriously. Third time though.

But the mother of all was the news that… the “Viking Ship” attraction was under maintenance. Under maintenance! Viking Ship! What decent theme park wouldn’t have a Viking Ship?! That was really the one ride I was looking forward to. On the bright side, qualified to claim validated tickets so shall visit the place again a month or two later.

Luckily the flume ride was still in operation, else the trip would have been a waste of time. Wasn’t as fun as the other time I went there (due to size relativity from me getting older I guess?) but it was more than made up for due to other aspects.

Fact: the rear passenger gets splashed with water by a lot more. Tested and proven.

There was the go-kart but only took the beginner track once. The resident haunted house attraction was so damn dark initially that we spent more time staring at the floor than at the things inside. On the second trip, thankfully, the path was better lit. Not too bad but noticed some flaws. Only two things managed to give me the creeps after staring and some imagination, hahaha.

The “Kite Flyer” has been unofficially renamed the “Spin Dry” as it’s the ride to take if you want to dry the back of your wet shirt. I thought I’d outgrow the whole motion sickness thing but apparently, tight repetitive motion is still my weakness. Oh man…

Totally should have more rides where you get wet though :P

Am going out for light supper in a bit, so shall end entry here. I wish I had a camera. Really, really tempted to get one Casio EXILIM for now. Hmm. How, how?

Well, take care Mayonites. Pray I don’t get food poisoning and may you have a great Sunday!


5 thoughts on “Awakening

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  2. You know what, Justus and I went to Escape 2-3 years back, and he got scared shitless by this thing that you lie flat on your belly (shaped like airplanes) and it goes up and down, round and round.
    We were both screaming and he kept wanting to puke afterward.
    And we also sat in the giant teacup kinda thing? It revolves in this weird circle manner…
    *amnesia kicks in*

  3. @Amanda:

    Haha yes that’s the Spin Dry ride! Makes you giddy after a while please. Oh and the teacup thing is the Rainbow I believe. Was down for maintenance. Think I would have puked then are there if it was working .A.

    Sadly instead of more rides over the years, it become less.

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