The Verge Of A New Approach

You know, I don’t really blog over the weekends because I don’t have that much time. There’s always the requisite number of hours dedicated to my shows and gaming, alongside other activities. Well OK I admit I spent an entire day playing RE5, if only just to finish the storyline (gonna finish the other difficulties and unlock/collect more stuff of course).

Hence the ideas that roll around in my head on what to blog about usually occurs in camp, where I spend my days doing things I don’t want to do and have a tad too much free time at night.

I can post via my phone like what I’m doing now, but it leaves much to be desired by way of formatting. My usual blog entries normally follow a set pattern that involves things I’m unable to do now. But I’ve created a Mobile-blog category anyway.

Ahh what am I to do?

Oh wait. I know. Sleep. Upset stomach is upset.


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