Hahaha. I used a phrase from RE4 because frankly, nobody has come up with one for RE5 yet. I honestly do hope someone takes the time to do it.


So I came back from Ch4nge of G()4rd feeling damn exhausted. I slept late last night too, adding on to the whole fatigue level. Spent some time simply watching the rain before I went to bed.

About the performance. Well, it was better than last month, definitely. That one ended with lots of swearing, haha. This one felt generally better. The waiting periods before-hand felt shorter too, but the wait after spoiled it. Don’t really want to talk much about it. I’d post the video if one with a good angle pops up over the week.

In fact someone seems to be uploading it right now, haha. There’s this one guy who’s been faithfully recording the events the past couple of months. Much appreciation goes out to him. I’m not sure if I saw him though.

Anyway, not too long ago I wrote this short story. It was kind of random since I had nothing to do for an hour. I’m not posting it up because it’s already deleted. Here’s a few reasons why:

(1) Phone spoilt. I’m happy to be able to do anything other than SMS and make phone calls. Other than that… (this means I’ll be using pen and paper now :D)

(2) I’m very critical of myself. Perhaps excessively so, but in any case, I didn’t like what I read later that night. The structure was haphazard, the pacing was OK and the characters were passable. There wasn’t any real compelling plot other than the protagonist’s plight. I hoped all this reading the last few months have improved the other aspects of my writing though.

(3) It was a romance fic. Writers generally write what they know; exploring other fields and territories is usually a risky affair and best done while holding hands with people who are actually knowledgeable/experienced in said fields alongside lots of info-gathering. I wanted to try romance, but it turns out to be a very alien affair to me. It’s like asking a monkey to plot the periodic table with a banana while high on crack, in a zero-gravity chamber locked in with a very hungry alligator.

(Off-topic: I love the Distant World’s rendition of Fisherman’s Horizon. Sigh.)

In doing so, however, I’ve been inspired to attempt to write another story. Better planned and written of course. Shall be influenced with some things I’ve come to learn and/or noticed in real life. (‘In real life’: only gamers use this phrase right? Hah). I’d be touching on themes such as love, power, betrayal, vengeance, corruption. Listing them out like that actually makes it sound cheesy. Well maybe to me anyway, simply because a number of movies featuring such themes usually end up bad. I’ve only seen these stuff tackled well in novels. And only some. I don’t expect to trump those, but it’d be an honest effort at the very least.

I’d like to see how my writing fares as well. Personal reasons.

I’m very tempted to buy some stuff online regarding tea. But then it’d be stupid if I can get them locally. Would save a lot on shipping. Shall wait and see where V brings me to. I can’t wait, really. I’ve gotten sick of the Lipton loose leaf I bought. Anybody want the remainder in the bag? It’s been stored properly; then again, not really much to store anyway.

As for the Twinings teabags I drink in camp, I’m more fond of the Earl Grey over the English Breakfast. Shall give my taste buds another run over the course of this week.

Ooh and check this out, kinda cute.


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