Impurity shall be our armour
Hate shall be our weapon
Immortality shall be our reward

Yes I believe I find myself slowly becoming more of a Chaos fan. A little joke I made with my W40K buddies: I’m a professional fan. I worship the Emperor from 8-5, Mondays to Fridays. After that it’s all Chaos Undivided baby, lol. Although if I really had to choose one of the four ruinous powers, I’d choose Tzeentch as my patron god.

Well enough of that. Don’t think anybody’s really interested in that ._.


Star Trek has been released in theaters! I’d catch it tomorrow but alas, Sean’s enjoying himself down-under so I’ve postponed it to next week. Lucky him. A chance to escape the horrible weather here.

As with every much-hyped about movie, I’ve overheard a bunch of conversations regarding this series reboot. I’ve heard people say “oh I don’t like Star Trek” and “nope, Star Wars for me” etc. but what really puzzles me is that afterward, they confess to knowing nothing at all about the series and still are adamant against watching it.

I wonder why. Is it due to the social connotations that Star Trek fans are huge geeks?

Now personally, I’ve never really watched Star Trek because I’ve never been exposed to it and the one movie that I did watch was quite bad. Add on to the fact that I followed Star Wars because it was generally less complex and had OMGLAZERSWORDS. I enjoyed the whole Jedi Knights and Sith thing. Of course now that I’ve grown older and wiser (haha) I’m fully aware of it’s shortcomings. One fact that I didn’t really enjoy was that there weren’t many epic space battles. Sure you’ve got your fighters weaving in and out between battleships but that was about it. Purely because then there could be more focus on the Jedi knights themselves, but yeah it’s sad to know it. I enjoy naval combat, be it sea or space.

Star Trek revolves around the crew of a ship and that has got my attention. Other than that, there hasn’t been any good sci-fi flicks lately and I’m interested to see the story. If it has such a dedicated, albeit ostracized, fan base, there should be a reason for it. From what I know the series has some pretty strong themes going for it, but there isn’t really one in this particular movie.

It’s nice to see a bunch of series reboots these past few years. James Bond, Batman and Terminator to name the popular ones. Hopefully we get to see more soon.


Speaking of movies, I’ve went ahead and pre-ordered the US version of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete. Finally has the English subtitles I’ve been waiting for. Hopefully it ships earlier than 2nd June.

Got a bunch of Blu-Rays I want to buy but am not getting at the moment. Shall slowly go through the list.


As for other things I want to buy… haha… it’s a figure! I stopped collecting figures since 2007. The few that I have are still kept in their boxes and I hadn’t gotten round to making my School Rumble beach diorama. Reasons being I have no space to get more and that it’s so bloody dusty here. Fighting the losing battle against dust makes me sad.

I’ve hesitated a couple of times over Metal Gear Solid action figures. Again, I didn’t get them. They were costly but given the level of detail it was worth the price. Then it was Warhammer 40k. Now that, I honestly cannot afford. Yet.

Then along came Hatsune Miku. I… I want this so bad.

World Is Mine

World Is Mine

Check out more details here <3

She costs $140 and comes with a wooden frame. Ships in September but pre-orders would most definitely be sold out by then. I’m gonna see if I can work up this amount by June. If I do then… click. buy. kaching. thankyouverymuch.


So as promised, here’s the video for last Sunday’s Ch4ng3 0f G()4rd performance.
Yes, somewhere in there…

Credit goes to him for the video.

Shall leave you to it while I get down to business with my stuff.

By the way, I’ve passed my Riding Theory Test. Now to just finish the practical lessons~ Must get my 2B license before ORD!


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