Aviator Blues

Must. Resist. Buying. HAWX. And. Flight. Stick.
Wait til next month, rawr.

3 thoughts on “Aviator Blues

  1. dude, while you’re at it, do check out this combat flight sim called Lock On. they say it’s one of the best combat flight sims to date, but if i’m not wrong, i saw it as a classic for a mere $20 (i might be wrong though).

  2. Just got it! It’s readily available in Challenger for a mere $16.90. I have to say, it’s pretty hard to get used to because the developers were striving for realism, but that’s the awesome part. Also, the graphics are pretty awesome considering the fact that it’s a 2003 game. US aircraft fans would be a little disappointing though as there are more Russian fighters to control. MiGs FTW!

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