Life-sized Blood Raven Statue

Couple of months back I mentioned about it.
So the winner was announced not too long ago and the folks over at GameAxis were there to unravel it.

One lucky dude. Big Space Marine is big.
My heart would feel a little better if he was a Warhammer 40,000 fan though, not just Dawn of War. Would have been totally awesome putting that on display beside a gaming tabletop. Damn.

Well here’s the video. For those of you who still have no idea how huge Space Marines are.
Bio-engineered super soldiers ftw!


2 thoughts on “Life-sized Blood Raven Statue

    • I’m still alive. (I think I’m going to trademark this a a reply or something, haha…)

      Yes fully aware of that. I’m actually waiting to go to Kinokuniya so I can resume with something. Leave you to wonder what it is til the time comes.
      Things your side seem to be pretty happening thus far!

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