If the elephants have past lives yet are destined to always remember
It’s no wonder how they scream

Rachael Yamagata – Elephants

I return once more after wandering in the realm of the offline for the past three weeks. Surprisingly there are a bunch of positive aspects to not being able to be online, but they don’t really add up, haha.

Before I begin, the video and lyrics (before the cut) are from Rachael Yamagata’s Elephants, from her latest album Elephants… Teeth Sinking Into Heart. I bought it a couple of weeks back but only had the opportunity to sit down and take a good listen to it only recently. I’m pleasantly surprised, both with her songs and the fact that it’s a 2-CD album. It doesn’t consist over twenty tracks or anything; they were simply separated by the type of feel of the songs.

Due to the massive amount of text that would have been produced were I to recollect everything that I’ve done, I’ll do a quick summary.

Weekend One
Saturday was Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds concert night. Was with V. Met and went beyond expectations. Loved it.
Finished watching every episode I had to catch up on. Deleted whatever Harper’s Island I had; didn’t interest me even after the third episode.
Turned to video games. Bored of Generals and DoW on my PC. Needed a break from RE5 on my PS3. Reinstalled my Diablo II Battle Chest. Found something! Happy. Played til Sunday night.

Weekend Two
Rented a few movies to watch. Couldn’t do anything else since I had no disposable income left. Read books and played D2 again.

Weekend Three
Resumed with D2. On Sat evening, realized too late it was wasting my time. No great storyline. Fun factor was in the loot-collecting, which dulled compared to my old WoW days.
Pondered on what to do.
Attempted to fix my Nokia e61. Had no idea what possessed me into believing I could fix it. After an hour of varied, random attempts, gave up. Resigned to the fact that I effectively lost the story I was working on (had some format errors when transferred to PC). Decided to rewrite it. Spent Sunday doing so. Redid a lot of things, barely into first chapter now.
Went to watch the Ch@ng3 of G()@rd performance* since I wasn’t involved this month. Was a disaster.

*Was in a performance earlier that week instead: S@F Prid3 D@y at T0a Pay0h HDB Hub. No video of it available so far.

That was pretty much it. I could rabble on and on about the concert and my story, inclusive of the lost one, but I guess I’ll talk about it in another post. Or maybe not.


Been very busy with all sorts of training. S@F D@Y and NDpee are all coming up. This also means my Saturday are no longer mine, since I’d only be back in the evening. Not much time to myself. I’d be lucky to be able to work on my story. This is also a somewhat good thing though, since I’d be able to go out a lot less and hence, save up for my phone.

If you didn’t know by now, my e61’s 5-way navigation button is messed up. I’m only able to make calls, while receiving them sometimes makes my phone restart. After a few days I adapted and found out a way to send SMSes. Takes some time and effort, but gets the job done. That’s about it.

So, one of my wants for 2010 has become a need for 2009.
I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to settle for anything else other than HTC’s offerings. There is the new Nokia N97 and Apple iPhone 3G[S], but meh. I might turn to the N97 if I have trouble affording the HTC. I’ve scrapped all notions of having an iPhone simply because it isn’t a smartphone. Sure it’s fun and great and all, but I like my QWERTY and operating systems.

[Not wanting an iPhone nor an iTouch** and wanting a film camera before a digital? See. I’m old.]

**I could only afford the 8GB version if I did. That’s insanely small. Making way for a 5.5G or Classic instead. Since I still have to buy my headphones, cables and amp/DAC.

I now reiterate: I wish Singapore’s communications network would match Japan, then I would stop feeling restricted and bless myself with DoCoMo and Softbank phones, faster connections, a strong mobile TV offering, seamless GPS implementation and move on from ’90s era SMS to email.

As for my Canonet camera, I may or may not push it back to make way for the phone.
Depending on what happens on eBay, I may still get it.

Other than necessities, the only purchases I made this month were in the form of:
(1) Final Fantasy VII:Advent Children Complete Blu-Ray. Ships on or before June 29. Wow.
(2) Globus Live at Wembley Concert DVD. Should arrive either mid- or late-June.


I think I’m going to collect Avengers: The Initiative comics. Pretty cool. Always wanted to revive my interest in comics which died off since entering secondary school, but found them a tad expensive. Going to make a sloooow attempt now, since I’m pretty full with my W40k novels.

There’s a bunch of movies I’d like to watch. Though whether I can is another thing altogether. I am not missing Up! however. I’m definitely watching that in theaters.

So yes, this be a quick post.
I’m going to have to head back to camp soon. Since there’s parade rehearsal tomorrow morning.
Being busy with things I have absolutely no interest in annoys me. To a great degree. Now that I actually have something productive to do, i.e. write, I find this to be an epic waste of my precious time.

Hear from me next week! Hopefully I won’t be so pressured against the clock and can then post something interesting for once.T


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