Hmm. Well I’ll talk about the NDP rehearsal next weekend. By weekend I mean Sunday, because I honestly don’t have Saturdays anymore. I reached home at like, what, 12AM+?

On the bright side though there was the legendary Milo van side by side with an equally awesome Old Chang Kee van. Free flow goodness for everybody! Haha.

Listening to: Pop Goes My Heart by Hugh Grant (from Music and Lyrics)

I’m not getting my phone anytime soon. Shall wait for perhaps Christmas, since there would definitely be some year-end specials. Instead, I’m decided between either my iPod or my first set of headphones next month. Either of them would be around $300+. Ponder ponder.

I wonder how working at Kinokuniya would be like?
I’ve sworn to never enter F&B again since it goes against the very fabric of my being, but am worried since being at Kino would still be service side. But surrounded by books! At employee discount! :D If… there is any.

Shall admit that I haven’t touched on my story this past week. Time just seems to fly by. Especially now, more than ever. I’d have to book in later tonight too. It’s going to be a terrifyingly tiring day tomorrow.

To think I haven’t bought a new PS3 game since RE5. There’s inFamous, H.A.W.X. and Valkyria all waiting for me. Good lawd.

In further random thoughts, when would Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno be out?

Praise the Omnissiah!

Praise the Omnissiah!

This is why I use Plurk

This is why I use Plurk

I am now paranoid and have lowered my chair :(

I am now paranoid and have lowered my chair :(

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