I am the hammer,
I am the right hand of my Emperor,
the instrument of His will,
the gauntlet about His fist,
the tip of His spear,
the edge of His sword…

I’m getting old.
As if forgetting what to put in for my entries isn’t bad enough, lately I’m starting to forget about items.
Damn you army. I shall revive my dying mind from your evil clutches of monotony, automation and unquestioning obedience and soar free. Free!

I still can’t get over Vocaloids. I think they’re awesome, from both an audio and fan standpoint. It’s staggering imagining how the programs can be further improved and implemented. Vocal synthesizers FTW!

See, for a few moments I forgot what I wanted to blog about. I shall put the blame on distractions!

Ahem. Well, today was S@F D@y, so that marks the end of this big parade. It wasn’t all that different from a regular one in my opinion. The only difference being that one had to sing.

(And yes, I sang. I’m glad nobody recorded it. I’ll hunt whoever has it.)

Compared to the last time when I had my Nikon SLR*, I’m taking my film a lot more seriously with my Canonet. Well yes I got it. So much for a surprise but a couple already know so what the hell. And yes, I’m waiting for my pictures of the first NDP rehearsal to be developed: collecting this Sunday.

*I sold it off after a while. The rubber backing was starting to get all sticky and annoying.

Back to the topic. I’ve already gotten myself a small camera pouch that holds the Canonet, a roll or two of film, cleaning cloth and perhaps some other small stuff. I’m already in the process of getting a larger bag that can double as a regular bag. I’m going to hit the library tomorrow to get a refresher on technicalities, then I’m getting some other stuff for it soon.

I’m very tempted to develop my own film. I think that’s one of the beauty of using film; the whole development process. I think having strips of negatives hanging around would be a pretty interesting decoration too, hahaha. Anyway it’s about $150 to get started on it. Perhaps a little more to get different chemicals for color development.

Then there’s the issue of a film scanner, which goes about $300-$400 for a decent one.

It’s at this point I came crashing back down to reality, ahaha. I don’t have the luxury of having bundles of disposable income materializing out of nowhere, so for now I’ll still send my rolls to neighborhood labs to developed then have them scanned.

Why not just get digital?
Because I love film. There’s a certain charm in the way it captures colour and tonality. I haven’t dabbled in slides since I’m not so confident on my exposures yet, but once I do then the colours would be whoaaa.

Of course I’m not disregarding digital entirely. I’m still getting my entry-level DSLR, which I pushed to next year due to varying reasons. A full-frame body was tempting, but figured I’m better off investing in lenses first. Ah but that is way in the future.

As for now, I’m gonna order a bundle of film and bring it everywhere. It being a rangefinder, it’s basically like a digital compact. Sadly it’s a fixed lens system, but I’ve loved how it handles so far. I might just get a Voigtlander couple of years down the road.

Ahhh film development.

Well, I’ll be ordering my iPod next week. That should be it for this month’s purchases. For the first time, I’m going to release my expenditure so you can go pore over it yourself if you’d like. Feel free to chastise me for any stupid spending.

I’m still at a loss on what pair of headphones to get next month. My budget is mostly in the IEM (earphones) range, but I’m not keen on getting one. I might change my mind when I audition them though, but I want cans. I think I’m limited to Audio-Technica and Alessandro/Grados at the moment. I’d go for the latter; trouble is the latter is an open-end design, meaning there’s sound leakage. Because I’m actually a socially-considerate person and was a former hikki, I don’t want people listening to what I’m hearing. Again, am going to have to go down to audition myself.

Post is pretty much blah blah.
Late and distracted, so I apologise, haha.

Off to hunt for Hatsune Miku stuff. I need to get round to getting her CDs…

I end with another video!
Hatsune Miku in some swing :D


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