I have consolidated and organized my entire music collection!
Took me a total of nine hours, spread over two sessions. Transcoding, renaming, album art, ID3 tags etc. Jeezus. I wanted to redo all the genres to something that I could actually use as a filter in the future, but I sort of gave up on that idea when I was done. Perhaps another time…

In any case, farewell FLAC. I’m sorry, but Appl3 is being mean and not adopting you, forcing me to use ALAC/.m4a instead. Perhaps in the future when I am a full-fledged miserable working adult and have my home rig that I may use FLAC. ‘Til then, we had great times.

Yes an aural orgasm.
Don’t ask me why. Thought of something and am particularly… randy.


How I can’t wait to get my iPod… then my headphones! I tried out Sean’s SR225s’ and they were lovely. Only issue is, as I’ve been fretting over and over again, is that they’re an open-end system. Meaning I can hear my surroundings pretty clearly. And if I were to turn up my volume, I’d be no better than the idiots who play their 95%-of-the-time horrible crap that passes off as music on their handphones. Honestly.

Courtesy campaigns? Am I the only one who finds that the fact that one is even needed just goes to show a lot?
Times like these I wish we had the courtesy of the Jipunese on public transport. But… nothe male/female groping and random porno videos.

I’m sidetracking here…

I finally got down to getting my optical-to-coaxial converter for my PS3. Surround sound from it, finally! I admit my home system is a cheap one but hey, as long as there’s surround. In a grand display of idiocy, I forgot to check what type to get however, and got the wrong one instead. Will have to return on Sunday. Sigh. So out of the way. At least I can go to Peninsula from there.

So lately I’ve begun appreciating dance.
Mostly courtesy of cute and sexy Minka Lee, of whom this particular dance I can’t get enough of. So here’s some YouTube videos to fill this post!

(1) Horie Yui – Silky Heart PV

I’m a big fan of Horie Yui. Dancing isn’t something new to her, but seeing her do something of this caliber is pretty interesting. Start of something more?

(2) SNSD/Girls’ Generation – Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) (Live)

It’s SNSD. Don’t need to say more. Prefer them over the Wonder Girls that mostly everyone seems to be talking about in camp and annoyingly, emulating. I don’t think I blinked much while watching this, ahaha.

(3) Scandal – 少女S [SHOJO S]

I came across this video without knowing it’s one of the latest opening songs for the Bleach anime. Because I don’t watch it anymore. Like, years ago. It’s a nice catchy song. But of course, they’re doing more flashy dance moves and random posing in the PV instead.

…you know, thanks to V, ever since I’ve watched that literal video version of Total Eclipse of the Heart, I can no longer look at music videos the same ever again. Gee, thanks XD;;

I leave you with a ‘cap of my desktop Hatsune Miku.
I have no idea how to script her to sing along to my songs. But I’m happy the way it is, haha.

♪ Daisuki dakara... ♫

♪ Daisuki dakara... ♫


7 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. Haha, yes SNSD! *shameless*
    And this is stupid but I got excited when I saw your IP had the “.au” behind it, ahaha. Spiders much?


    Nope only saw ONE spider… at my friend’s place cause she’s on the ground floor hahaha.

  3. I can’t believe I actually clicked on that SNSD video (cos of the chicks). They look super similar to one another. Are they all from the same mother? Lol. But I think Wonder Girls is bigger cos their songs have a better tune. And it’s well spread-out, like there’s a sexy, there’s a cutie, there’s a… You get the idea.

  4. @RIKO: Haha. I don’t particularly care much for their background really, though I know not a lot of people like them. And Gee is kinda funny! Like a bunch of chicks i.e., baby chickens 8D

    And yay no spiders. Remember: fire works on them =D (Disclaimer: Not responsible for any fires caused as a result.)

    @Amanda: Haha, well I dunno. Not sure if they’ve had surgery. Maybe? Anyway it’s mostly a case of exposure for me; I happen to see more SNSD than Wonder Girls, so… yeah. Lul.

    End of the day I revert back to Japan for my foreign fix =P

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