First Roll

Been busy. Too busy to actually write up an entry. So instead I shall simply post up some pictures. Yes this is the first roll of film I ran through my recently acquired Canonet. Was more concerned with the exposure than the composition most of the time, haha. They turned out decent enough. Focus wasn’t spot on most of the time and a number of them are a tad overexposed; I’m guessing it has to do with the battery being of a higher voltage, affecting my meter.

Hence, I played around with my focus ring and stepped down my readings for the second roll, which is under development now. Shall see how it turns out.

Pictures are unedited. Hell they’re not even tagged or watermarked. There really is no time; I’d probably only get around to it next weekend. Busy busy… Oh and yes, headache :(

I apologise. Time constraints, so I didn’t even present the photos the way I usually do. Simply going through a crude copy-paste with Pbucket doing most of the work. You can click on the individual photos for a better view and descriptions.

I’ll most likely make a summary post for NDP with all the shots taken over the different days when it’s over. Cropped and maybe post-processed etc.

Shall see to it!

First Times
Going For It
Why Boat
Guilty Innocence
Guiding Hands
All Warmed Up
The Gang
Floating Platform


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