“Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.”

-Edgar Allan Poe

I fear for my sanity.
Oh what perils await the solitary soul, stripped bare and banished to the confines of the mind; to lies, doubt, disappointment and despair. To the demons and chaos of madness. What greater enemy exists than oneself? Only with faith in hope might there be salvation, but what hope is there to be had in this dark world? Nothing awaits other than death; utter, complete, non-existence.

I probably need help but I’m proud of being stubborn.
Perhaps I need to start reading happier books once in a while too.

Let us now radically shift tone and mood and start with the blog entry! :D


¦¦[  NATIONAL DAY 2009  ]¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦

I’m sure most of you have heard the theme song for this year’s National Day. It’s not too bad actually and it’s comforting to know how far one of our local bands have went. BUT! Have you heard the other version of it? Haha.

Swee ah!


¦¦[ MUSIC: SWEET SURRENDER ]¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦

I’ve recently gotten myself hooked onto Kylie Minogue’s songs, more specifically her “X” album from 2007. It be awesome. So much so I’ve put it in my PSP so I can listen to it whenever I’m free. More on the PSP later.

Lily Allen tackled her second and latest album, “It’s Not Me, It’s You” with a musical direction that I actually like better than her previous works. Aren’t you glad of artiste progression? Not unlike certain bands which I shall not bother to mention. But yeah, her lyrics never fail to catch my attention. Other than the likes of radio-favorite “The Fear” there’s also songs like “Not Fair” and “Kabul Shit” which make me stop what I’m doing and just listen.

As a result of my music compilation project that I carried out not too long ago, I’ve sought to re-listen to some old favorite albums of mine. Currently am listening to Sum 41’s “Chuck”. Loved them back during my guitar-wielding days and I never failed to jam along to one of their songs daily.

MISIA was given mention in one of my posts sometime last year. Since then I’ve become somewhat of a fan, hence I regret having missed the concert she gave in Singapore. (Bloody hell… why do I like certain artistes only after they perform in Sg? Kylie Minogue? MISIA? Gah. Give me Globus and a second FF concert puh-leez.) I like both her older albums which gravitate mostly towards ballads and love songs as well as her newer releases, which are of the R&B kin. I’m hoping she drops by this little island again sometime soon.

I’m getting my headphones next month. At last!
I can once again lean back with my cans on and just bask in the music. Make out the lyrics, follow one of the instruments, appreciate the song’s arrangement, letting it just wash over you etc. One of the few best feelings in the world I reckon. As for my headphones, I’m still not sure and am not going to burst my head figuring out what to get. Shall just go down and audition some of them; let the ears do the spending (umm, figuratively).


¦¦[ LOOK AT MY PUHSSP ]¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦

…sort of sounds obscene, don’t you think?

Haha. Instead of my iPod I got a PSP-2006 this month, due to overwhelming pressure and the need to play some games. I’m loving it now. There are so many games for me to go through, old andnew, that I’m very sure I don’t have the time for it. Especially so since a number of them are RPGs. Mostly old school like Breath Of Fire IV, Chrono Cross; Final Fantasy Tactics:WotL, I, II & VII; Xenogears, and; Valkyrie Profile:Lenneth to name a few. Why? Either I’ve never played them before or never got a chance to finish them.

I bought it second-hand. I’m not upgrading to the 3K series since I actually prefer the 2K. Perhaps I’ll sell off and buy a new set, provided I can make a very small loss. Shall try my luck next month~

Oh, and I’ve quickly learnt that when it comes to multi-console ports, it usually goes this way in terms of quality:

PC/Major gaming console > PSP > Mobile Phone

In other words, don’t bother.
*memories of X-Men Origins Wolverine haunt him*



You might be wondering right now what’s with all the section-titles or whatever you wanna call it. Just playing around with post formatting. I think I risk looking like some teenager trying to write a guide and FAQ in Notebook and attempting to look cool or whatnot (some of the formatting and ASCII I’ve seen works well, on the other hand). I might or might not stick with this. It might just end up making my post look longer and messier.

And o lawd did I just use ‘teenagers’ as a reference term for a different age-group? Man, I’m so old.

I really love the first shot I took with my rangefinder :)
The rest of the roll is, as Amanda pointed out, very retro feeling. I made a conscious effort to lower the exposure values for my second roll. Alas, the fear of every person who develops via third-party has came true in my case.

The roll got screwed. (Yup. I like this phrase :P)

A number of ways for film development to go wrong. Besides, I was risking it already by going to this sort of neighborhood photo store, which mostly dealt with making digital prints. But the thing that really, really, really annoyed me (dare I say “pissed me off”?) was that they tried to cover it up.

Now, every person who uses film sure as hell knows what sort of film he’s using. The exception being when you bring a whole bunch with you for a shoot but that’s not the point. So you see, they return me my negatives and claim that the roll was blank. I was like, to myself (of course), “what the fluff you gotta be kidding me?” because I had some shots I was really looking forward to seeing in there. Then perhaps I wondered maybe I never loaded it properly; but that can’t be the case because you can visually see the film-rewind crank moving whenever you flick the film-advance lever.

Upon closer inspection, I saw that the print of the negatives proudly displayed “Kodak 200”.

I was using Fujifilm Superia 200, which says “S-200”.

I became liek the fist of an angry god.

Haha, well ok not really since I never really lose my temper but yeah I was pretty damn pissed off. Screw up the roll, ok fine, tell me, but don’t try to cover it up and then make it seem like my fault. What the fuck?

So I’ve consigned my second roll to wherever dead film goes to. My third roll is still in the camera; shall send it to another store this time.

I’m gonna’ pop in some Kodak TMax 400 after the third though. It’s a black and white film, and I wonder if these stores can take them in? The developer is different from regular C-41 I believe. Gotta go ask…

Anyway, I’m still sticking to film and rangefinders because they appeal to a particular sense of photography I have (might even get a Bessa or dundun, a Leica some day) but this proves two things:

(1) I still need to get a digital. I really feel the loss of those would-be pictures. They’re kind of special for a reason T_T
(2) I need to develop my own film. When I have money and time and space.

In some happy news, Meidi-Ya stocks loose leaf tea! <3
Got some of the cheaper-range sencha (green tea) as well as a can of Darjeeling from Twinings. I haven't tried it and I hope it tastes nice, 'cos the package is nice, so if it is I can buy more and put on display, ahahaha. Think I'll only get pricier tea leaves when I have proper storage (read: dry cabinet).

See, a dry cabinet does more than just store your camera gear.

Sean has flown off to down under. Lucky bugger. Have a great time man.
That makes two I know.

Huh. I miss them already. Haha.

Well, good night, Mayonites.


3 thoughts on “1:1

  1. You should go to where I develop mine, Triple D at Burlington Square. He’s an expert.
    He will develop and put into CD for you. For T-Max and such, mostly around $10-ish.

  2. @Amanda:
    A little out of the way, since I can only go on weekends and most camera shops there are closed on weekends, haha. Shall go give it a shot though!

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