He’s still alive!

Sooooo I uhh, should probably be resting right now, but I don’t want to stay in bed all day. Don’t think it’ll last long though; a headache’s creeping up.

I learned two things today:

(1) Never walk around outside your house when your temperature is 39.6°C. It literally feels like your brain is boiling and I’m surprised I managed to make my way back. The last time I had a fever, it was 39.9-40.1°C. I don’t remember much of what happened then, haha.

(2) I now understand why most girls sleep with short shorts and or undies. Other than a chance to practice looking appealing (to whomever, haha), its’ pretty damn comfortable.

My fever subsided somewhat and it’s another 3 hours before I get to take my next dose of medication. I’m kinda hungry but everything tastes bland, even Oreo cookies that somehow or another ended up being the food taken with my meds. I want to drink my tea but I don’t think it’s a good idea to. I could barely taste the Ribena this morning anyway.

OK I’m gonna crawl back to bed. Good lawd.


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