Don’t Stop

Haven’t posted in a while. Didn’t really feel like typing about anything in particular; my lost sense of writing direction reflects my own sense of being. Hell. Bunch of things have happened of course, but not gonna’ cover them at all. Just gonna link up some videos from the ‘Tube!

In case you haven’t heard, I made the leap of faith and went ahead to go buy my headphones.

It’s reaaaally not the ideal time financially, but oh what the heck. I’m loving it so far; I remember why I love music so much. Naturally I went through my music library listening to random songs. Revisited a bunch of old songs and they just sound magical. Frou Frou, Billy Joel, Megadeth, X JAPAN, soundtracks etc.

Man I can’t wait to find out how they’d sound with different add-ons and with headphones in the next cost category. Glee!

Speaking of which, I’m waiting for this new TV series to start airing in September. It’s titled Glee and is a musical-themed show, and it is the awesome.

One of my friends, though not that close, recently ORD’ed. He happens to be in Singapore Idol, haha. I’ve never bothered with the show before, but since he’s inside then I might as well watch it a bit. From what I heard he’s only appeared a bit so far. The reason I avoid these shows is because I find that they spend more bloody time doing other stuff than perform. But there’s some real talent to be found. Like Leona Lewis, whom I’m starting to becoming a fan of.

Just to clear things up, when I say I’m a fan of a particular group of artiste, it means I like the songs they make. I couldn’t give a rats ass about any other stuff about them. It usually takes something special to make me want to go the extra mile and find out more about them.

Not in the mood to go on further, so I leave you with two short films which I personally like.

Title: The Black Hole

Title: The Right Place
Directed by: Kosai Sekine

Here’s some Sex Pistols for you that Sam’ showed to me. It’s an interview, haha.



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