I’ve been looking at PS3 Slim news a lot lately because I’ve only just realized that my PS3 is approaching it’s 2nd birthday. Bloody hell, it’s been that long already huh? I haven’t had the chance to spend time with it these past few months, damned army. I’m already trying to find somewhere to fit in the purchase of the new Slim simply because I believe it’s going to reach the end of it’s lifespan sometime in late 2010/early 2011.

Which would be just nice since all the fuss over the debut release would have died down, and I can then make an informed and cost-efficient purchase :D

Personally I think the Slim’s a little ugly, but I suppose it’ll grow on me. More importantly would be what’s lying inside the case. Faster specs and better power usage. Yum.

¦¦[ MUSIC LOVE ♫ ]¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦

Have I mentioned how much I love my headphones? I think I have, haven’t I? Haha. People would probably be sick over how much I’m gushing over them. Now if only I could magically own all the songs I have in my music library so they’d all be in lossless. I’ve managed to find places to buy a number of the albums I want to own, but there’s this one collection I sadly believe to no longer be in stock as far as I can tell.

Maybe what I “acquired” happens to be wrong and that’s why I haven’t been able to find it, but it’s a four-disc compilation of covers of J-Pop songs performed by the Warsaw and Janacek Philharmonic Orchestras. It’s titled:


Hits on searches turned up a single-disc thingum. This is torture. I want to own it more than the rest on my list.


¦¦[ ON THE TUBE ]¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦

YouTube is so popular and choked full of videos, I never cease to wonder how it manages to handle all that data and bandwidth. While this is clearly beyond my humble mind, it’s contents aren’t.

(I’m still all for a separate section to host private videos. It’s literally just spam on an otherwise pretty-awesome video sharing site. Maybe perhaps the more popular and cult-favourites would be transferred onto the main site after a while but that’s beside the point here.)

In typical boring because-I-have-no-media-to-show-you-I-shall-simply-link-from-YT fashion, I share some vee-dee-ohs!


He says: Ahahaha, I couldn’t help it :p We need more dogfight movies like these that actually pass off as pretty good. And no, the scene in the G.I. Joe movie doesn’t count; it screams of cheesy crap. Hmm. Cheesy crap. That sounds kind of catchy.

He says: Why can’t we have more buskers like these? I’ve seen some brass bands play along Orchard Road but those are clearly performances, not individuals who are out there alone with just their instrument, heart and soul. I still honestly think this country’s educational system could do with a more involved, hands-on approach, not the crap I went through that passes off as music classes in my decade of my primary and secondary-level schooling. And can parents please stop making their children take classical music lessons for all the wrong reasons? Let them decide if they want to go in the first place, geez. Seen a few things at these music schools before.

He says: The very first Tommy Emmanuel songs I’ve heard and to this day, remains my favourite. Sadly the album I own doesn’t have this song and isn’t as ‘acoustic-ey’ as I’d like it to be, i.e. has other instruments in there as well. But no matter, it’s still awesome. Now the initial impression most people would get is that “wow fast!” but that’s not the main selling point for me. Granted it’s one of his talents (acoustic = steel strings = ouch?), but what I like about his playing is just the… feel. It’s hard to describe right now, really. I really like his style of finger-picking too (hehe naughty thoughts). To prove the point, the next video is from somebody who Tommy drew inspiration from.

He says: Beeeyutiful. Simply said. RIP Chet Atkins. On a related note, all the great musicians and contributors to that scene are dying out.

He says: Now this scene has been used for all sorts of gripes covering all sorts of topics, but I found this to be the most hilarious of them all. Those of you who don’t watch animu won’t really get it, but the Endless Eight Arc in Haruhi Suzumiya was evil incarnate. Seriously. Hahaha. Think of it as the movie Groundhog Day, but without much of a story development.

He says: So this is what Endless Eight is like. Without the catchy music and vocal editing.

He says: For those of you who are dead curious as to what it’s really like, here’s a comparison video of all eight episodes! Joy!

He says: You know, I would love to watch K-ON because it has great music and good animation (amongst the tidal wave of crap). BUT! The characters are way too cutesy for my liking :( I might give it a second chance sometime in the future.

He says: I end the video spam with one of Tokyo Brass Style. I just discovered this band not too long ago and it is the win.


¦¦[ THE ARMY ]¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦

If you think I’m going to start complaining, then I’m sorry to disappoint. I do/receive a lot of that in camp already, so I try to make my civilian life a somewhat more happy affair (not really working though).

I’ve come to find that serving NS, although intolerable, is a very simple affair. Life is so simple in camp, if you exclude all the bickering and politics. Maybe it’s because when in bunk, I’m in total control of my own space and possessions; my own life. Going into detail would just get my blood up, so I’ll leave it at that.

Naturally most would assume that life for me would be a lot easier after NDP. In truth, it’s the other way round. Although there were lots of rehearsals in NDP, it was a fairly slack period with lots of off days. It’s way more busy now.

There’s training for the upcoming performances during the @rmy Op3n House, the Ch@nge ()f Gu@rd and a few others in the following months. There’s training for the juniors to do, as well as guest-instructor duty for the basic batch over at trainee school. Then there’s duties one has to oversee as an I/C of an area. I’m hoping I won’t have to teach, since it really doesn’t suit me. Teaching wasn’t one of the features listed in the user guide I came with.

Oh and yes, to cope with all the difficulties I have, I’ve came up with this ‘user guide’ thing. Haha. It’s really simple.

“Bloody hell, didn’t they read my user guide? I’m not made for long-distance running…”
“My user guide says ‘no strenuous activity…”
“…my specifications aren’t meant for this!”

You get the idea, hahaha.


¦¦[ … ]¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦

I’ve long feared this day, and that this was a one-way path to tread. But I don’t know what else to do. I’ve always known it’s been too late, far too late. I’ve tried in my own way. I’m too tired to have carried it on. And this is it, I suppose. Other than this monumental feeling of loss, there’s also happiness. In a twisted sort of way.

Doesn’t anyone see the irony in it being the Hungry Ghost Festival as well as Ramadhan, the fasting month? Hahaha.

Listening to: Saikyou Pare Parade performed by Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

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