Band, change

One of the music the S@F Band’s gonna play for the upcoming Ch@ng3 ()f G()@rd is September by Earth, Wind and Fire. I’m more excited about that than what I’m doing. Heh.

If things turn out well and I end up living in Australia, I’d apply to work with Eminence Orchestra. I’m sure they could use a couple more production guys, haha. Simply because as it turns out, my favorite genre of music happens to be soundtracks. They just convey so much. Tie the tunes with your favorite scenes and you get an instant-hit, especially so when it’s been well composed and arranged. The end result? Spectacular. More so if a fan listens to it. Haha.

Well, that’s all in my vague idea of a future I have in mind. It’s getting a lot more harder to see what lies in store ahead. I’m not sure if that’s entirely good or bad. At least I’m sort of… content. Sometimes happy.

Video Games Live ’06 – Metal Gear Solid Music

Final Fantasy XIII JPN-Release-Date Trailer

Awesome 1:1 scale wood carving of Mio (it is awesomesauce)

Gripe: I’m sick of all these FFVII “fans” who are too blind and stupid to notice the other great JRPG games of old. There are so much more great games out there. Dare I say, even better? I just hope SE doesn’t abandon the things that truly matter in a JRPG in the FFXIII series of games. Great cinematics and perhaps music (with Nobuo gone and all…) does not equal masterpiece.

In further randomness: Metal Gear Solid. My military-porn.
Konami please make a MGS Collection like what they’re doing with God Of War. I’d wet myself if I could go replay Snake Eater in 1080p on my PS3.


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