Turn Up The Heat

Listening to: Yell “Dead Cell” (VR Remix)
Composed by: Norihiko Hibino
Album: Metal Gear 20th Anniversary Music Collection

If there’s something being indoors for most of the past decade has showed me, it’s that the weather has really turned horrible. A number of people claim that it’s always been like this. “What change? Same what!”

Ah, but I know better.

I worry for the weather in the future. Will it get so hot that everyone would be forced to wear shorts, slippers and T-shirts? Sure the upside of this is that, everyone gets to see more skin from the opposite sex, but that’s beside the point. The change is irreversible. The damage has been done and it’s only going to get worse, seeing how things are progressing.

Sure there’s been more awareness of the globe’s plight, but isn’t it a little too late? The preventive measures we’re taking are gonna take a few decades to fully be implemented. What would happen by then?

For someone who sees the outside from the inside (…ok yes, so I was playing MGS4 the other day and liked this quote), I’m concerned for our little planet. Where else do we have to live?

But I’d probably be six feet under once hell is on Earth.
I hope Heaven does exist.


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