If there’s one question that’s been bugging me ever since I became a 1-year “soldier” in NS, is that what am I going to work as after I ORD?

(You can train all you want and it does give you a survival edge, but I think you can only truly call yourself a soldier in the field of battle. Still, respect goes to the few units that do deserve it.)

I plan on doing something full-time for perhaps six-months to a year. Pay off the previous CPF loan I used for my polytechnic fees, get myself a new PC solely for work (I’ll use a laptop and a media server for personal stuff), save up for my next educational institute etc.

I’d like to do something related to my field, but what? I could opt to be an assistant in a studio or something but in all honesty, I am very out of touch right now. I was thinking a bookstore like Kino maybe but I wouldn’t be the best of customer service personnel. Office jobs are fine but not something I’d like to do. Can be insanely boring and a number of things you learn are disposable once you leave.

Hmm. Ponder ponder.
I’d like to be able to work there part-time once I start studying too.

I also wonder about POSB’s study loan. Need to sit down and read up on that thoroughly some day.

Lastly, anybody know of a private driving instructor around my area?


So here’s a few options… what do I do?

o Diploma in Audio Engineering
o Diploma in Music Production & Engineering
o Foundation (haha, dunno whether to go Visual Studies or Performing Arts [for music] in La Salle…)
o Diploma in Design & Media [Video Production]
o Diploma in Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design
o Diploma in Sonic Arts
o Diploma in Music and Audio Technology
o Diploma in Film, Sound & Video (deja vu)


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