Bizarre Business

So I was reading this article about a thief who stole over 300 items of ladies’ delicates. Now if it was a pair or two I might sort of understand, but why anyone would want such a vast quantity is beyond me. I mean, what would a guy do with all of it? Wear them? Make a bed out of it (ouch, the wires…)?

Then there’s those who actually buy said items online…

Well whatever the case, I chanced upon a particular comment and went lol a bit.

Later on, there was this video. I remember seeing it long ago and it’s… well… hahaha. Pretty gross!


A week or two back, before watching District 9 (which was a wonderful movie, by the way), I visited their promotional website. I saw a little advertisement in there regarding the movie’s main corporation.

When would the use of private military companies be commonplace? There has never been a lull in human conflict and chances are, there never will be. Not that I’d wish for war to come upon us. War’s an atrocity. It should only belong in games.


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