I’ve overcame the wall of moe and began watching K-ON.

[Fanboy mode activate]

Well yes she’s insanely popular, just like the previous, Hiiragi Kagami from Lucky Star (kyun <3). But you see! This seals the fact that she’s popular for a REASON. I kindly point you to Eternal’s entry for an interesting read. I’ve never delved into anime blogging because I’m not really that interested but there are lots of good ones out there.

I’m interrupting my viewing of K-ON just to say that, so… uh, yeah. Some pics before I go, haha.






2 thoughts on “Hnnnng!

  1. I knew you would somehow fall in love with K-on! Hahaha. I only watched one episode and stopped, though the “dont say you’re lazy” song gets stuck in my head now and then (@___@)

  2. Haha, the ending song is awesome! Anyway, I find the first episode to be way too moe. The charm shows a few episodes into the series. Oh my Mio <3 Ahaha.

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