In tribute of my new-found love for K-ON!, I give you YouTube videos! Ahaha.

In case you’re wondering, I’m in camp right now. Just that I’m making use of the post schedule thing :p
That means not so lengthy entries for you! OK so it’s not entirely new and all but hey, at least I’m using it.

「Don’t say “lazy”」 (K-ON ED)


「Cagayake! GIRLS」 (K-ON OP)
Some girl/guy on bass (I don’t really care)

In something totally unrelated, I’m cool with guys dressing up as girls if it’s in Japan. Because they actually look pretty and can easily pass of as a trap with viewers none the wiser. I would now like to stress the following words: if it’s in Japan. Everywhere else should just avoid my knowledge like the plague. Seriously.

That includes you, Singapore.

Mio is moe moe kyun!

If anyone notices, Yui is using a Gibson Les Paul! In sunburst no less!
Just like my Epiphone back in the day, haha. Man, this show makes me nostalgic. Well, except for the fact that the cast are all cute 2D girls and are ridiculously good for a bunch of high school kids. We had so many names but never did have a song to call our own, haha. I wonder if that article is still available somewhere. Hmm.

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