Not Enough Gold

Now I remember why I haven’t been practicing much in my field.


…well OK so that’s not entirely true, but to be honest, it’d make things a lot easier if I had access to a bunch of things. And most important of all, a work PC. My current PC just isn’t equipped for much since there’s always stuff running in the background. Like my torrents. Can’t help it when I download an anime that’s 1GB in size each episode (BD rip so full HD, and is in FLAC audio).

Anyway, back to the point. I’m totally lost on to how I’m going to save up for my work PC. Or rather, where I’m going to put it also. My current residence isn’t exactly work conducive, hence one of the reasons why I want to move out.

Ah damn it. Everything revolves around money.


There’s been a bunch of stuff I’ve been wanting to eat lately but never had the chance to. I hope I can slowly whittle down this crave-list month by month, haha. I wonder what to get for October.

Perhaps a trip to Seoul Garden? They’ve got a new broth if I remember correctly.
Japanese I eat on a more common basis, so… no worries there, haha. Maybe somewhere special, hmm.

Actually come to think of it, most of the things I want are under the dessert and confectionery section. Haha. I’ll most definitely post up what I get. My phone’s the first thing I’m buying anyway. If… I can that is. (Still wondering how much it’ll be once promotion is over).


I was filling out this captcha the other day and well… for the first time in my life, it was something interesting. They’ve never made much sense and stuff but this was my first. I was starting to suspect that the ones that are in Top 10 funny lists and such were all manipulated, but I know better now, ahaha.

Anyway it’s a Friday, so that means I’m at Pulau Ubin today. I think. There’s this cohesion my unit is involved in. I have mixed feelings on going and not going, but no choice in the matter haha. It’s good for exposure and a chance to take photos but…

The problem with all these activities is that there NEVER is any place to shower. I, for one, do not have the audacity to take public transport after having being covered in sweat an hour or two prior. It’s simple courtesy, damn it. Maybe resort to a bunch of wet towels…

What is the world coming to? Oh wait, I’m just getting older.

“Where Is Love”
ROUND TABLE feat. Nino
April (2003)
Victor Entertainment


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