Sorry I haven’t been updating lately. Been busy with lots of stuff, especially with regards to the fact that it’s a new TV and gaming season over at the US. Hence, lots of shows to watch and lots of demos to play. There’s also this big folder of movies I need to get round to, ahaha.

Busy busy. Which is good though, because I’ll be broke for Oct. Well have to go sleep early.

Here’s a random pic of an otaku gone a bit overboard. Whenever enthralled, one tends to get related merchandise. In the case of K-ON however, that translates into EXPENSIVE equipment. Can you identify the instruments and other stuff lying around?

I leave you with the instrumental orchestra version of ALI PROJECT’s Arabesque Romanesque. Beautiful. But sounds bad on YouTube, sigh.

Did you know?
95% of the music on my PSP have no vocals, haha.

「Arabesque Romanesque (Instrumental)」
Grand Finale (2007) [TKCU-77130]

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