Madness, all of it!

I am devastated.
Apparently, “Mayonade” isn’t as original as I thought. True, only a handful of people are using it, but I really like it :(
It has lots of meaning to me, really, and there actually has been some thought into it’s creation.

Kind of funny when I learn that one of the other “mayonades’ of the world is a X-Box Live user whereas I’m a PSN user. Not that I participate in the pointless XBox-PlayStation wars.

Sigh, what should I do! I’m not very sure when I started using it. Back in 2007?
I’m honestly hoping I got the name in use before anybody else did.

You might be wondering why I’m kicking up a fuss over a gaming nickname. Well… sentimental reasons. And aggressive too. Modern Warfare on the PS3! Rawr! People who’ve crossed me before should remember me. I’m not that good but at least memorable, ahahaha.

Actually no I think I was pretty darned good >3


3 thoughts on “Madness, all of it!

  1. I only remember coming up with the nick “mayo” for you since i kept saying “mayu” at first haha and everyone caught on XD
    How long was that? When Kuroichou first started? Hmm.
    Funny how someone is using “mayonade” though, i thought it was pretty original haha.

  2. Ah haha, I guess it’s not as original as we all thought cos lemonade is like an everyday word, and replacing lemon with mayo (anyone’s favorite) is how it’s done. Don’t be sad!

  3. @Geri: Haha yes, your use of “mayo” was a major contributor actually. It carried on from there, since I needed something more ‘masculine’ to bring into my online battlefield, lol.

    @Manda: Well yeah. But isn’t Mayonade like, disgusting? Doesn’t the idea repel you? So nobody should logically want to use it, haha :p

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