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Ahh, done updating my contacts list in preparation for my phone. Next I gotta prepare the calendar and everything. Oh man. I honestly hope this is the last time I do something like this. Though I’ll most probably have to do “contacts spring-cleaning” every half a year or so, haha.

I’ll post something when I’m done with my list of things to do. I’m so darned busy with army and having a tonne of things to do in my personal time isn’t really helping. Stress. Headache. >_<

So instead lemme offer you something interesting.
Thanks to someone and with the aid of Google Translator, ahaha.

The octopus ice

Now, the school
I’m bored Sabotta lessons from
Umm. Shots of boring! ! (ι’Д `) É

Oh, rain
Sleepy but not asleep ( ‘A `.)
Nothing from sleep
I want to go home do not have an umbrella

How do I? orz

“That makes absolutely no sense!” I hear you say.
Ah but you see, that is the whole point. Haha.

Await my next entry!


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