Light & Dark

Where is light?
I may continue making obscure references and speaking in riddles but that’s not productive.

Well, I got my new phone. Arrived on Friday in a small box. It’s not as wide as my Nokia e61, so I’m not too used to holding it. I really miss having a physical QWERTY though. The soft keyboard just can’t match it. There’s at least predictive text software to help me along the way. I’m typing slower than I usually do but I should get used to it in a couple of weeks. I hope. It’s the keys at the corner that really get me, haha.

I flashed the ROM and got my new apps, some custom tones and basically configured everything. I’m waiting for my BroadBand on Mobile plan to activate over the weekdays so I can leave everything running. The one thing that’s got me worried is battery life though. I think I’ll have to charge it everyday.

You may still contact me at my old number; I’ll be keeping it during NS. If you don’t have my new one and want it, then go ahead and ask me.

I’ve got myself Uncharted 2 but haven’t touched it. Am replaying the first one to recap the story, get used to the controls and also, go trophy hunting. Sigh. All the work I did before gone in one swift patch. Now I have to rework to unlock stuff. Then fire up UC2, take in the beauty and wonder that is the single-player story and then hop onto multiplayer for a bit.

For a bit, because Modern Warfare 2 releases next month! Whee.

I’m listening to mostly soundtracks now. I love it. Makes me cement the fact that I want to be in this field. Not that I no longer appreciate more common genres of music, I just find soundtracks more expressive.

Really busy month, October. Pretty much broke as hell though. Not an issue anyway since I can just stay at home over the weekends and not spend.

Note: The following song needs to be heard at a higher volume than usual.

Fires can’t go on burning by themselves


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