I’ve got nothing productive to say.
Simply regurgitating the week’s events would be boring as hell and people would tend to skip reading it. Well, I do most of the time anyway.

I dunno if it’s the Red Bull or what, I actually arrived home feeling pretty happy. I don’t really remember when the last time was, haha. Just so you know, I haven’t had a can of Red Bull for ages. It’s not exactly healthy but I needed the quick boost of caffeine since I had G Duty the night before.

Or perhaps it’s because this week turned out to be a tad productive, since I’ve been training some of my juniors. I’m not exactly suited to teaching and I don’t fancy myself all that good, but it seems to be going pretty well so far. It’s a nice feeling watching them improve, haha. I’ll go watch the December performance, since I didn’t attend this month’s one.

Doesn’t help that I’m listening to happy Horie Yui stuff, lol.

I loaded my PSP with regular songs for once. Ayu Hamasaki trance remixes, Coldplay, some viking metal and some Jack Johnson. Was a nice change from my soundtracks but halfway through the week I found myself craving for orchestras, ahaha. Shall not begin my usual routine of wanting my audio gear stuff.

And I can’t believe Glee is on hold. They’re killing me. I need my Glee! At least there’s Flash Forward and some Heroes. I’m not all that excited for Heroes compared to it’s first season. Tends to happen I suppose. I’m also taking a break from 24, so shall resume purchasing my DVD boxsets another time.

Am gonna go visit SOMA this Monday with a couple of friends. Yes, the School of Music and Arts. Gotta kick-start my brain into learning stuff soon, but it’s not gonna be any diploma course, I don’t have the money for that yet. Perhaps take a look at POSB Study Loans once I find a part-time job.

Ayumi Hamasaki
Next Level (2009)
Avex Trax

Oh and I suck at FF:Dissidia, I admit. I shall instead go loot crazy with Monster Hunter P2G.


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