What the heck

What the hell are publishers thinking.
Borderlands, Dragon Age: Origins and CoD Modern Warfare 2 all released just a couple of weeks within each other. All of them having long playability.

Rather than compete one another in the market, wouldn’t they be far more successful releasing with a healthy span of three or more months in between them? We gamers wouldn’t feel the financial pinch and we’d have more time to fully appreciate each one. I can think of periods of time where there just isn’t any new good game to play.

Blah, publishers and marketing.
It all eludes me.


One thought on “What the heck

  1. Ade, hey man.

    I’ve been trying for a few days now to secure a copy of the prestige edition for COD:MW2 but so far it seems like a dead end. I guess i’ll give the NVG a pass then. Thanks for helping me out. We should hang out sometime soon if you’d like.

    Catch you later man,

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