Take A Peek

I love iTunes’s DJ feature. It’s basically a shuffle for all my songs. Makes me fall in love again with all the old songs I haven’t listened to in a while.

「Reset (Thank You Ver.)」
Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Okami Original Soundtrack -Disc 4- (2006)

Newspaper ad. Trust me to misinterpret it immediately, haha.

When was the last time I had taiyaki?!

I prefer this over regular laksa. Maybe because I seldom eat this

This isn't much of a clue. You want real clues, you hang out at Secret World forums. Those are excitingly fun. Anyway FFXIII releases March next year; I'm not all that eager actually.

Games I bought this month. Gives me a hard-on :p

Anybody up for gay dwarf sex? Hahaha... but seriously, no ._.


I updated my MAGIC’s ROM to the official SENSE UI and it runs like a breeze now. So smooth! I also took the opportunity to install only the programs I really used, so it freed up quite some space. The official ROM doesn’t come with a Plurk widget though, unlike the custom one I was using previously. Sadded. Guess I’ll just go to Plurk’s mobile page instead. That leaves me with one blank page though, haha.

And I’m running out of harddrive space all over the place! Need to get one for my PS3 and a new external drive. Maybe just get a damn NAS bay a few TBs worth. Oh but where is the money. If only I could go outside, kill a random cute creature and loot gold and random weapons and stuff from it’s body, several times smaller than said items! You gotta love these Asian MMOs. Oh, and they’re pointless and suck your money too.

I think I’m going to miss Earth, Wind and Fire’s concert. I need to pay course fees.

Also, where the hell is my damn Caller ID? I’ll wait for my bill and check, then go call up ST again.

Lastly, check out Geister’s new illustration. I liek his work.

You can't say no to sexy pantsu


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