That was brief

Talking about briefs, I need new ones. Hmm.

So after nearly a week of leave, I return and am greeted by a parade the next morning. Isn’t that just wonderful? Haha. (My phone just recommended “Bahamas” when I typed “Haha”.)

But you know what, I missed my bed and locker. Ever since my room has been taken over and ‘shared’, it feels more alien to me, if not for the computer and my gaming system. Yes, the bed I’m on right now is far more comfortable than what I sleep on at home. And hell of a lot neater too.

I’ll be heading to the Anime Festival Asia ’09 on Sunday I suppose. After I drop by Kinokuniya; yay a chance to finally use my card after what, five months? Haha, damn.

I’ll talk about gaming in another post. It’s gonna have to come up, especially during this gaming golden age. Bloody hell, lucky kids and their school holidays. I remember gaming days on end, stepping out into the glare of the Sun like a prisoner released after a decade, lol. Ah, what I would give to have a private talk with Morrigan now, ahaha.


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