And I go “rawr!”


So I finally decided to go check out HWZ’s Play Test #4 (because I’m such a tech geek; hell I’d trade my body for a mechanical one if I could but not the point) and it turns out that registrations are already closed.


Well there’s AFA ’09 at least. Yay to getting to hear Mio’s (from K-ON!) seiyuu! And there’s the Hatsune Miku thing too. Shall bring my rangefinder. Hah, no big clunky DSLR for me! I’d love a PEN E-P1…

And in a surprising twist, I am not going to SITEX. No reason to and I can avoid the press of human bodies. Not like they’d have discounts on NAS bays. Nor do I have the money to burn. I’ll just delete some of my porn, lol. I don’t even watch some of them anyway, and they’re like over 1GB each? Geez.

Excited about Kino trip! I’m reading again in camp. PSP games wasting my time. Oh and aside from more W40k books, I’m actually getting one book that doesn’t involve violence! At all! Feels like an achievement, haha :p

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