You know, I haven’t given up on cosplay. If this is news to you, I’ve only done it once because I’m OCD over details. Didn’t turn out all that great cos of latex issues. No, I wasn’t going to stretch a condom over my head, if that’s what you’re wondering.

I stopped because I have other financial matters at hand. Cosplay isn’t exactly cheap. Anyway I shall do one final burst by going all out. I don’t care how long it takes me.

Would it qualify if I don’t make over 90% percent of the suit? I’m not a blacksmith. And yes, a suit of armour. I’ve mentioned it before: I prefer armour over weapons.

I’ve got second thoughts about splashing blood on it though. Like, real blood. Is that even allowed? I guess I could use fake blood but I’m going after the smell too. Iron. Death. Nauseating.

I think I’ll just freak people out and get arrested :( Then what about the chunks of flesh…

Well just an update. Shall see how that goes, haha. A group would be interesting.


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