So I’m back from AFA 09.

Because I’m not going to proof-read this D: Yes I actually edit my posts before publishing them…

「Omoi Haruka」
Kenji Kawai
Seirei no Moribito Ongaku hen 1 (2007)
Geneon Entertainment

OT: Kenji Kawai is an awesome composer. Also, my current computer speakers hurt my ears with how horrible they sound. Ugh. Kinda lazy to unhook my headphones from my bag also. Well will my home music rig be set up, sigh.

The fact that I was having a sore throat and that I had to go back to camp tomorrow kinda ruined today because I just wanted to go home quickly, but still it was a pretty interesting event.

Were the tickets $15 last year? I swore it was cheaper, ahaha. Anyway had Astons Specialties for lunch. Cheap and good, beats eating fast food. Just had to wait a little, but hey, good things come to those who wait right? Haha.

I found the Gundam display not so impressive this year. Was surprised to see this little corner where you could make food using those little thingums. I have no idea what to call them. That parfait maker! Ahh. I also didn’t take the opportunity to buy Parfait Cream or what’s that shop called at City Link. I seldom go there so I try to make it a point to always buy one. But nooo, not today. Today I get a sore throat. Meh.

Spent most of my time at the art sections really, haha. For some reason the huge studios like Production I.G. and Mad House had pretty empty booths. Maybe it was more happening yesterday? At least over at I.G. side there was a Japanese representative and a translator, as well as a few of the production books for sale. Or, at least that’s what I think they’re called. Mostly script, storyboards and notes. Imaginary Friends had some solid stuff as usual, though I remember some of their older pieces. Then there was Storm Lion who blew me away as well. It’s thanks to them that we got this nice, huge-ass bag too!

Watch for reference!

Chatted up with the company’s delegate for a bit. Apparently they’re a new publishing company but they’ve got a tonne of impressive work lined up. They’re also working together with zemotion.

Aside from the art, I was also admiring the girls collectibles all over the place. Ah, makes me want to take up the hobby again. But nah, I have way too many pricey hobbies, haha. Didn’t expect to see a booth by Black Tactical. Having had a chance to see the replica guns up close, I decided to not get it. Granted, it is the best looking M14EBR and M4A1 replicas you can find in the local market but it’s just not what I want. Hell, I think my replicas would be the actual guns themselves but missing firing pin, hahaha. Sadly, that’s illegal.

I saw some awesome Domo-kuns for sale. Even had this fairly large one which took all manner of effort to resist buying. The salesgirls Domo-kuns were just so adorable please. There were also these K-ON shirts on sale, but they were like $50. I think I’d be too embarrassed to wear them out and besides, I could buy shirts for that kind of money.


In my dejection, I went back to the Black Tactical Booth and whoa what’s this? Torchlights!

Now let me take a moment to explain: I’ve had this fascination with tactical torchlights since my poly days. Not only are they powerful for their size, they also double up as weapons. This means that were I ever to get involved in an act of self-defence, I can smash the guys face to a pulp without having to look for a weapon :D Wait I don’t think that qualifies as self-defence… hmm…

Tool of destruction

Ah well. The torch cost me $105. I wanted to get this one from another brand but never got around to ordering it because shipping is a pain. I shall put it to good use during guard duty and my pre-ORD field camp, haha. Eat that standard-issue craplight. Although mine still works; everyone elses’ lights are all dead for some reason.

In the end I didn’t go to Kinokuniya because I spent enough in a day and it was already 5PM, past my schedule. Shall go there some other time, no hurry. Not like my friend replied my message over what the title of the book was anyway… I’m considering re-reading Eisenhorn though. Yes it’s a Warhammer 40K book but I really like it. I read through my friend’s copy so mine is still shrink-wrapped, haha.

To not look sad, I’m “acquiring” LittleBigPlanet and Assassin’s Creed for my PSP. Then fill it up with as much TV show backlog as possible. But you know, LittleBigPlanet looks better on the PS3. Cuter too. Maybe I should buy it again. It’s only $30 now..?

Ok, sore throat going to be the end of me. Sigh.

Capped off a GAX article. You know, doing a Japanese maid cafe is one, but it doesn't mean you should have bad English. To tell the truth, some Japanese have a better command of English than some of us here. But hey at least the meido cafe was doing well. Queue was too long :(

Mr A-to-Z, taken last Friday. My potential future coursemate! Haha.

Taken at Paradiz Centre. What happened to Subway there..?

The only leaderboard statistic I'm proud of: my accuracy, lol. I aim to get it up to 25% or so, if that's still possible. K/D ratio has been slowly improving. Don't care about win/loss because I keep quitting of bad ping


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