After Hours

I never imagined I would say this, but I actually enjoyed Oct’s issue of 8 Days. Maybe its because there was Zooey Deschanel in it. And an article defending Singlish with very valid points. And because Jade Seah was featured too. Mmmmm. She has nice features :x

That’s about it actually, haha. Listening to the radio at 3AM is a mixed bag of good and decent songs followed by bouts of horrendous aural torture.

How the hell did some of these songs even get airtime? I was pondering over what about Taylor Swift I didn’t like and then crap like Meet Me Halfway and that Black Eyed Peas stuff came up. I’ll go with Taylor, thanks.

Thing is, older BEP sounded good. What happened?

Well whatever. Getting a headache thinking too much about it.

I wonder if I should drop by the polyclinic after I dismount. I’ve lost the cold and have developed a cough with phlegm instead. Been affecting my sleep.

Oh oh one last thing. I managed to test out my torchlight earlier in a near pitch-black environment. I’m going to risk sounding like a kid but it was damn fun! Haha. Felt like one of those survival-horror games.

You may go “can’t you do that with any regular light?” but no, this is different. Has to do with the better beam throw I suppose? One of those things that are pretty hard to explain, so I’ll just dismiss it saying it’s a guy thing, haha.

Besides, would be great to use as a cheap way of getting fill light when using just one flash.


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