Happy Birthday Me

Ah, so it appears I am now 21 years of standard human age. A benchmark in one’s life I suppose, seeing as how I’ve 75% or less of my life left to live. Wouldn’t it be interesting if we all had a life battery bar we could consult?

So how has the year been? I’ve learned a lot, definitely. Not academically but things pertaining to myself. If anything, I feel old right now, haha. Like I’m in retirement and on my last stretch. Which is far from true, really. Once I ORD I’ve got lots of things to deal with. Financially things are a headache. There’s education and career paths to pore over. I’ve given up trying to see what happens 5 years from now, too many variables and uncertainties.

This just came off the top of my head (no, not my hair) but March has a tonne of game releases! FFXIII, God of War III etc. Makes you wonder how I’m going to motivate myself to look for a job, haha. Oh wait, the lack of salary should be good enough.

Well I’m not gonna say much. Nor do much in fact. I’ll be going to camp apparently; might get off or clear another day, depending on parade schedule. As for party, nah. Not my thing. Music is all I need. I guess. But I am going to have dinner this weekend if everyone’s free. Shouldn’t be a problem I believe.

This post feels a little melancholic. So I shall end it off happy with something somewhat related. Hirasawa Yui from K-ON just had her “birthday” not too long ago and…

Part 1/3 Om nom nom caek

Part 2/3 Shick! *the abnormal sound they use when guns are aimed*

Part3/3 I love comments

The guys gave me this awesome Planet Earth calendar

A preview of the entire year

I like how it's a seal for December!

Much love to Justus & Amanda for this! Vengeful Spartan man who becomes a God and kills. A lot. Gore, violence, sex. How appropriate, ahaha

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