Talking Point

I haven’t gotten round to writing about Dragon Age, I know. It’s because I’ve been busy playing it, haha. That and Modern Warfare 2, which I’ll touch on briefly another time.

But lemme just get straight to the point in this one. It’s hard not to appreciate good voice acting. Especially when forced to listen to the stuff like in Crisis Core or ears forbid, anime dubs. Which is why I’m a huge fan of Uncharted: the voice and acting they give for this game is superb. Truly. I do my darned best to make every PS3 owner I know an Uncharted fan, because if anything, it’s a sin to miss out on great content such as that. (Geri, I’m looking at you if you do get a PS3 XD)

So one of the characters who was new in Uncharted 2 was Chloe Frazer. I loved her voice. And her character too. Here, you don’t have to watch the gameplay part earlier on, just the cinematic. Chloe is the girl of course. Skip to 3m24s.

Man I gotta replay Uncharted 2 again. Hot da-yum.

Lemme side-track here a bit. VideoGameAwards 2009 nominees are up and this was insanely hard to decide on. ALL of them delivered stunning performances.


Back to my point. The voice actress for Chloe Frazer is Claudia Black. She’s a 37-year old Australian actress with a few video-game roles to her name. So let me now make a full circle back to the start of this post: Claudia is also the voice actress for Morrigan from Dragon Age: Origins.

If you haven’t already known by now, I absolutely adore Morrigan. Yes I’m not the only one I’m sure, but she has her charm. So put two and two together and you get a very happy fan, haha. I find her portrayal in Dragon Age very suitable. Some disagree but to each their own. Perhaps you can be the better judge?

The teaser trailer for Morrigan

Now one of the things I find that really helps with game immersion is quite simply, chatter (and yes, they did this in Uncharted 2 as well to great effect.) There’s tonnes of this in Dragon Age as you spend your time exploring the in-game world of Ferelden. And it’s not simply generic talk. Different characters in your party will bring up different topics.

Morrigan and Alistair


So you see, it’s very easy to lose oneself in a game of high calibre. Well, that’s basically all I wanted to share. I wonder if anyone even reads my gaming posts, haha. And yes, turns out I have a thing for voices.

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