Ramblings Revisited

My next big purchase in the IT department is most likely gonna’ be a NAS device. This is going to easily last me for 5 years or more so it’ll have to be a big investment. In case you’re wondering what it is, it’s a Network Attached Storage device. Meaning I can just backup all my data on this little hub thing. So in the future, it’ll be covering my personal PC, my Macbook Pro and my PS3. I won’t go over the technicalities of how much storage for what where and how.

Backing up is important! When was the last time you did yours?

I currently do mine selectively as I don’t want to carry everything over wholesale onto my only external HDD which is a measly 500GB. Measly, haha. How times change. Not that I want a huge-ass hard-drive to store everything, that wouldn’t be smart either. If I could I would format this PC annually but it isn’t mine per se, so meh. It’s starting to show it’s age.

That and the fact that it’s so bloody dusty around here.

I shall stress this again, that I’m still looking for a roomie. For the longest time now Ken has been a potential candidate. Or I could move to Australia to where Sean is. That’s still a very hazy option for me. So hazy I can’t see my own nose.

Excuse me for this entirely random post. I woke up late today and am feeling a little agitated. Especially over the fact that my room lights are on because this room is so frickin’ dark.

If only there were apartments for rent like they have in Tokyo. But if there were it’ll probably be bloody expensive, like every other property here in Singapore. I don’t need a whole flat to myself really. Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room? OK that’s pretty huge already. I really wouldn’t want to have my bedroom as my activity room though.

Of course the whole dream of having a home theater room shall just remain a dream for the next few decades, haha.

Well, it’s already 5pm. I’d hate to go on about this because attempting to plan for something that is beyond your control right now isn’t exactly a healthy pastime.

I love this song, be it the original or Glee cover. Bad audio quality, but you can see the routine for the first time! Haha.


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