I love street photography. I haven’t taken much myself, since ironically I like being indoors. But that’ll change once I start school and work I believe. Anyway, street never fails to inspire me. There are stunning photos in all genres, be it portraiture, landscape, product and the like but street is where my heart is.

So one thing I like to do in my free time when I’m not watching p0rn my TV shows, playing games or listening to music is to lurk CS forums and admire local talent. And by talent I really mean it, seeing how some of the best photographers I have seen happen to have only started in the field. Amazing, huh?

While I love rangefinders and film, I do not discount DSLR users. After all, the camera is just a medium. And with digital, the door to exploring new imaging options open up. Post-processing is now as involved an activity as the actual act of taking the photo itself. Which is why though this is a great boon on the creative side, the issue of integrity in photojournalism can become a scandalous talking point. If I possessed crazy photography skills I’d go be a war photojournalist. Not because I want in on the violence mind you, but because I want to show everyone. That in spite of all our comfort and luxury, all is not right with the world. Honestly I confuse myself with my morality issues; one day I’d gladly align myself with an archdaemon and revel while the world burns, the next I’m an arm-chair activist wanting to go out and do something about the injustices rife everywhere.

But I’m digressing here. By a lot. Haha.

So the topic if I’ve totally lost you there is street photography, DSLR and post-processing. Here’s a favourite of mine:

'Leash them monstars' by Draken413o

I love the subject–and no, I don’t refer to the little girl, you pedo.

For more beautiful streets, do refer to these threads:
“whats that? streets yes!” – Draken413o

“Streets & Candids Selection by Michael Chan” – Ah_K

“The Streets, Me & Photography” – TrailSeeker

There are a lot more over at the Street subsection if you’re interested. Of course, this doesn’t even cover some of the gems that could be found over at the Rangefinders subsection.

So yes, I am fully aware I have to shoot more. A lot more. Good lawd my RF is collecting dust in this corner beside me. If I’m not wrong, sources tell me that I am going to acquire a semi-pro compact sometime soon. I’ll test it out, but I wonder if I should sell it to help fund my Micro 4/3rd camera fund. I think I’ll keep it though. Which brings me to the touchy topic of money and gear but let’s not go there shall we? Haha.

I end this post with a quote that holds lots of meaning for me. Might even be a motto, though let me quickly admit I am not a master of observation, plain obvious, subtle or otherwise. Hahaha. (Oh right, there’s no smiley in this post… uhh…) (^^);;

There are none so blind as those who will not see.*

Edit: I ran into some trouble pinpointing the source of the quote. Lots of it point to Biblical origins, though there are a few different opinions if you search hard enough. No matter.


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