Worthwhile // Shopping

“Smile” (Charlie Chaplin cover)
Glee Cast
frm ep12 “Mattress”

Hey what do you know. I'm the 1000th Watsons member?


This man belongs to special forces.

Check out my sexy legs in the 2nd last pic, ahaha…
Captionless pics were from the G11, except the last. Taken at Medium quality setting; forgot to change.

Items acquired:
-Canon Powershot G11
-Screen Protector
-OpTech USA Classic Camera Strap
-Bagman Pouch
-Naneu Pro Lima Military Ops Camera Bag
-Fujichrome Provia 400X
-Fujichrome Sensia 200
-Akarui Digital Dry Cabinet 40l
-Free Cleaning Kit


2 thoughts on “Worthwhile // Shopping

  1. @Amanda: Slides have lovely colours! I’m not too sure what to take with the Sensia though, haha. You should have brought along a film camera with you on your trip :p

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