Hero of Ferelden!

Before you begin let me say that you’ll probably want to skip reading this post.
Am writing for my own amusement.

Wait, let me do that again: I finished my first playthrough of Dragon Age.

In a nutshell, it was totally epic. I’ll briefly describe how things ended. Took me roughly 56 hours.

This being my first run, I naturally played the game as if it were me. Being a warrior class was probably a bad idea then, since a mage would be more fitting but what the heck. So my best friend, Alistair, left after I made a hard decision in keeping one of the antagonists’ alive. Which was really painful since he was one of the pillars in my party and was equipped with some of the best equipment available for warriors. He was a hybrid class though so that eased the sense of loss a little.

The night before tackling the Darkspawn horde, Morrigan, whom I’ve been having an intimate relationship with, offered an alternative way for things to end. You see, to kill the Archdemon, one of the Grey Wardens (such as myself) would have to take in it’s soul, leading to the death of both the Archdemon and the host.

I’ll skip the details but basically I would live if I conceived a child with her. The catch was immediately after Morrigan would leave and I would be forbidden to find her. After much reluctance I agreed.

Stormed through the invaded city, slaying wave after wave of Darkspawn. I died once when I got a little complacent and emissaries wiped me out with AOE spells. The fights got a challenging again and it was fun. It got pretty easy by the time I was 75% complete so this was a refreshing change of pace.

Killed a couple of generals then it was off to the Fort to take on the Archdemon. The final battle was intense, more so than fighting with the High Dragon over at Haven or Flemeth in her high dragon form. I wiped on the first try, restarted on the second. The third run was much better but by the time I whittled down the AD’s health down to just over half, I lost my damage-dealing warrior. There were waaaay too many bodies for me to locate him for a revival and besides, my mage was busy manning the ballistas.

They jammed and before my rogue could run over to repair them, a fresh wave of Hurlocks and Shrieks cut him off and down he went. Just me and my mage, Morrigan. I left my main own his own since he was a tank and took over control of M. Spent most of my time running around. Kite the boss, crowd control the Darkspawn, cast an AOE on the boss then run over to the next ballista while tossing out a few heals now and then.

It was running great and all when I got cornered at a chokepoint. Before I had time to burst out a CC and heal, the AD launched a few massive ranged attacks and I lost Morrigan.

So it was just me and the Archdemon.

Made me feel like a bloody hero, haha. Thank God I was a tank so I had immense amounts of health and a steady supply of poultices to keep me alive. It was a long drawn-out battle. Almost died on a few occasions when I got surrounded. The supporting army got held off fighting Darkwspawn on another part of the map.

Finally, 15mins or so in the 1-on-1 battle, I switched buffs. Less defense, more attack. Turned on berserk, used up my remaining poisons and went all blood fury. Used up my last great healing potion, dropped to critical health and boom!

The action slowed down and I watched as my warrior leapt onto the dragon’s neck and impaled it through the back of it’s head. The Archdemon thrashed on the floor and I brought the sword down in a killing stroke, the AD’s blood gushing out of the massive wound. It was dead. The Blight was over.

After the pomp and ceremony at the end, the game presented me with parting conversations with the rest of my party (sans Alistair and Morrigan). How things ended with the different factions were detailed, all of which were a result of the actions I had chosen long ago.

I was itching to start on my second playthrough. There are so many things I want to do, so many class types I wanna try. Not forgetting the different members to court, depending on gender, haha. But man, I miss Morrigan :(

Decided to do so another time, after playing other games. Would leave me with a fresher perspective. There are so many opportunities for expandable content, so I hope BioWare gives us one soon. I’m also hoping they have a few that allows us to play post-Blight, as a chance to replay all the characters we finished playing with. End-game content, so to speak. Perhaps explore all the other continents? There’s a lot of land to cover.

And importantly, a post-Blight DLC that has me going after Morrigan! Haha. The game says she went to the Frostback Mountains. It’s still in Ferelden…

So yeah, game is awesome. Best RPG I have played in my life. Beats all the others I have played. Totally my opinion of course, but were you to give it a try, you might join me, haha.

Action buffs would regrettably, most likely give it a miss or not enjoy the combat mechanics.


In other gaming news, there might be a FFXIII demo for us English-oriented fans! Yay.
There’s also news of Arkham Asylum 2. I haven’t started on the first one but I have to. Like the movie, this Batman game is easily the best amongst the superhero genre. Also Force Unleashed 2!

The new Prince of Persia looks like a crappy movie tie-in. Sigh. I loved the earlier games but looks like greed is dragging the series down.

I’m not sure whether to start on my God of War Collection or Borderlands. I have to replay Dead Space simply because its my favourite horror game right now. Maybe consider to “plat” Uncharted 1 and 2. Also backlog wise, there’s Force Unleashed, Arkham Asylum, Valkyria Chronicles etc.

Gaming backlog. First time in my life. How am I going to cope with this and other stuff? Haha.
*shrug* One at a time.

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