I don’t know about you, but when it comes to Christmas songs, I prefer the older ones. Or maybe it’s just for right now, haha. I’m in the midst of acquiring a compilation album as I type.

I found this hilarious for some reason

How the hell can you say you like the game when you haven't even played it yet?!!

Damn it Apple, stop torturing me with email ads T_T

Because we all love Photoshop

At Sleigh Bells Ring performance

Ming Ken Street Riding-At-The-Back-Of-The-Bus Magic

Ms Australia... hand version

Omu rice! Lazy to move back for better angle :x

Treasure box! Didn't take pics of chocolate.

Awesome hat. Am SO wearing on Christmas Day

The goods

I wonder if there's a villain version?

Butterscotch & Cream Liquor. Yum?

Yeah not in the mood to post text entries lately. Ho-hum.
I kinda regret not taking pictures of the Sleigh Bells Ring play now. But if it were pics of the play itself I would have preferred a DSLR. I needed to like, you know, watch the thing so I couldn’t move around with my RF and compact instead :(

The pics with the G11 were all using Program mode. Didn’t really fiddle around with the thing yet. Did some very light PP on them. Got bored and decided to place little watermarks; see if you can find them, haha.

Also, I must be the only person who gets Sunday (evening) blues, haha. On Monday it’s just bleh.


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