A Day In Life

So on a day with no plans and absolutely nothing to do, what is that I do? I recorded what I did yesterday. If you’re bored and/or intrigued, carry on with reading, haha.

“Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked”
Cage The Elephant
Cage The Elephant (2008)
Relentless Records

This was the time when after I had woken up and showered. I slept late, at about 5AM, since for some odd reason I decided to watch The Da Vinci Code at 2 in the morning

Can't live without 'em. Though the pore strips are a lot less effective here due to humidity and my skin that resembles a war zone

Black pore pack! So one can be utterly disgusted once its work is done

My breakfast/lunch/whatever-you-want-to-call-it. I do my best to not follow a simple 3-meal routine, when conditions permit. This is five tablespoons of rice, mostly veggie and tofu and one hawt spai-say chee-ken.

So like every other normal person (or so I'm led to believe) I camp by the computer once post-wake-up rituals were all over and done with. Yum headphones. I want my AKGs :(

I swear I almost wanted to take photos of the monitor. So my PC was already on (I need a NAS...). This is the first thing I see: my torrents. A lot of seeding but nothing actually moving. Very good /sarcasm

First things first would be to do my daily check. It being emails, Plurk (screw Facebook), torrents and forums. This article is about the current Batman writer commenting on the recent game. I so agree, but its still a great game, compared to all the other superhero drivel.

Look more gaming news! I already knew this, going by Sony's history of PlayStation releases, but was still nice to confirm. It's really good to hear that they'll be taking a more developer-friendly route.

So once I'm done surfing, I proceed with my non-torrent downloads. In this case it's mostly soundtrack albums. Since they're not popping up as lossless formats I decided to just go with 320kbps. One of the soundtracks is for the currently showing Sherlock Holmes movie. Watched it earlier this week and it was good. Definitely Guy Ritchie style of directing. I was itching to find out who composed the score and to my great delight it turned out to be Hans Zimmer. He's quickly becoming my favourite now.

So what now. Pondered a bit and decided to go for the obvious. Lilith was calling out to me.

Yup, time for some gaming. I kinda wish my bed's headboard wasn't so high; if not I could place the rear speakers up against the wall and I could be sitting on the bed instead.

My view from the chair. Not centered, clearly.

Who's up for some Borderlands! Nobody I knew was playing online and didn't felt like inviting anyone over at 4PM so just went solo. The better to explore anyway, haha.

While playing Borderlands I came across something I immediately noticed. Gaming homage to Diablo II, so I won't to into detail. Was a nice surprise though!

The day's coming to an end. I wanted to take a sunset; I could get some nice glows from my room but turned out to be nothing more than a cool blue sky.

My dinner. More of the same since real dinner wasn't ready, but I didn't want to wait until after 7PM. Slightly more rice, less veggie sans chicken. You'll notice my press and cup of green tea is gone. I actually went to brew a few more couple of cups during my gaming and I wanted to take photos, but I totally forgot about them. Green tea and water is all I ever drink at home, aside from the occassional coffee.

Went online for a bit and came across this. Honestly, wtf. Country and rap? Don't defile Johnny Cash with that man, seriously. And I lol'd at the comment. Crap indeed.

So I gamed for more than long enough. Was starting to lose it's lustre so decided to call it a day. For gaming. My makeshift dust cover for the PS3. Well at least it works. Sort of.

Figured it was about time to update my software. Its amazing how fast CS4 was released. CS3 still felt new when I heard the news. Me being in camp all the time meant that I never had chance to fully try out CS4. And you know what, I haven't touched it since installing, if only to check everything works OK. I use another program for my photos.

And I'm still on the PC at 10. Decided to come online this time, chatted a bit but I was mainly busy organizing my newly acquired music. Sometimes getting down and dirty and filling in blank ID3 tags manually before importing into iTunes. At least they come with album art most of the time.

I decided to read up on FAT32 limitations a bit since I was having difficulty passing Daryl movie files over 4GB in size (720p for the win). No easy way sadly. As I got exasperated in what I was reading, my Google searching got dumber and I paused when I saw these suggestions coming up in Google Singapore. Condoms at the top and tampons at the bottom. I've seen the instructional diagrams for both of these and they're pretty straight-forward so... what the heck? In any case, a mouth should be used in one of these instances :p ...or for both, if it turns out to be a strange couple

Time passing with me on the PC doing more... stuff. Its like I'll never have a point in time where I'll be at the PC and go "ah, I have nothing to do"

Finally moved onto doing something productive. Never really sat through the entire lecture video for this, but it does have useful points. Mainly because I don't see myself doing fashion photography or anything of the sort. Street doesn't require it and most of my digitals are snapshots are still nothing more than snapshots anyway. Besides, I dislike photo manipulation. But if ever I came across these sort of stuff, retouching would be nice, haha.

At this point in time I wiped down my camera, kept it in the dry cabinet and went on to wash up a bit. Instead of sleeping I found myself watching another movie. Again. So I slept at about 4AM, haha. It was Terminator and well, if Daryl gets around to watching it he’ll understand why my movies are all over 4GB now, haha.

In some horrendous news my one and only external hdd dropped onto the floor and is now no longer detectable. I am worried, of course, but I’m not exactly panicking. Why waste time panicking? Always believed in that. But yes, there’s some stuff in there that are really… well, precious to me. Ironic how this happens when I’m about to get new external hdds next month. One for the sole purpose of being a backup for this when it dies. Sigh.

Hoping its just a loose cable or something. If, hug wood, it has to go through a data recovery, I’ll still go through with it when I save up enough cash for it. It’s like what, over a thousand dollars? Yup, that important to me, haha.

Anyway today has been far more productive than yesterday. Spent a majority of it organizing my photos. Previously they were just dumped into named and dated folders, but now they’re far more organized with metadata and all. I even gave ratings to my photos. 90% of them are 1-stars, ahaha. I’m highly self-critical of my own work. Which is why a lot of people have never really seen any of it. Photography, video or even writing. They usually end up archived or lost. Other than snapshots for this blog and stuff, I won’t post up anything I deem as serious photo work unless I’m happy with it. Which is hard to come by for now, haha.

I’m itching to game a bit but it’s pretty late already. Think I’ll just catch a movie and call it a day. Gonna be finally watching Avatar 3D tomorrow.

Oh and kitty. It’s so hard to take photos of the other cat.

Neko Slumber

Beautiful voice. Sung in Korean.


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