Happy New Year 2010!

…I had an interesting mix of dreams which I shan’t delve into but it was generally pleasing. The first thing I noticed after recollecting on my dreams was that I was starving. I wonder why. Usually only happens if I missed dinner or partook in adult-rated activities before sleeping. Or perhaps if it was because I stayed up til 5AM playing God of War II. Yeah I think it was that, haha.

Other than the odd dreams I also found myself stoned. I woke up at 1PM+ so it had nothing to do with the whole morning thing (not a morning person if you haven’t gathered). Started with me trying to put toothpaste on my shaver. That startled me for a bit. Thankful I realized if not I’d be visiting the dental ward for severely bleeding gums. So anyway I figured that would be it. Hummed along to “Green Finch and Linnet Bird” as I worked on my hair.

Shampoo – OK
Conditioner – OK
Facial wash – O-wait what?!

Needless to say the facial wash sucked all moisture out of my hair. Sigh. Also noticed I took much longer to shower. I should stop screwing around with my body clock, haha. Not everyday you get a chance to do stuff like these though. Besides, it was New Year. Which I did not celebrate.

I see no reason to, honestly. Haven’t you wondered why we place huge significance on the 1-year span? I perfectly understand events like birthdays and anniversaries, especially if it’s someone you love. But… New Year? The globe just made a rotation around the Sun. I know it has to do with more of a “oh it’s a fresh start, let’s make this year a good one blah blah” but why can’t we do that every day anyway. What makes the ‘year’ extra special?

Me being the detached human I am, I went to read up on it. Yes I actually Googled for the origins of New Year celebrations. Beats being ignorant, doesn’t it? It began over 2000 years ago (the whole A.D. and B.C. dating thing is another pickle I have with but that’s related to a deeper topic and so perhaps for another day) when a year consisted of only ten months. It was followed by all sorts of different calendars until the one we now follow, the Gregorian calendar, which was introduced in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII. If you find yourself interested then go read it up. Not gonna quote whole paragraphs of information here.

“What about resolutions then?”, you say. Well what about them? I think they began when people were in a merry mood, intoxicated and not really thinking. I’m sure lots of people don’t really follow this whole “New Year’s resolution” thing. Personally I’d be getting out of NS and trying to figure out how I’m going to live my life. Ideally I’d be working and studying part-time, but ah working as what and money for my part-time studies aren’t going to magically appear under my pillow. I don’t intend to ask my parents, only when it comes to full-time study. So I’m basically buzzing around in circles here.

But in lighter things I finally managed to watch Avatar. Went with Daryl and his friends because it was so hard trying to book tickets for 3D, since everyone kept raving on how it should be watched in 3D. Honestly I would have preferred watching it in regular 2D. It did help in some scenes with the sense of scale but I didn’t see it being a huge help. If anything, on the visual aspect I was more blown away by the mind-boggling amount of work done on it. Directing was superb too and yes, having watched Dances with Wolves (which I highly recommend but do so hesitantly since modern audiences are now so attuned to fast paced movies) the story was indeed similar. Albeit in modern sense.

I felt kinda smug how everyone was basically going crazy over a science-fiction/fantasy movie. We’re all geeks now, ahaha. And I couldn’t for the life of me stop thinking of all the World of Warcraft references, despite me not playing for years. I mean, c’mon. You start with an Avatar (your Lv1 Night Elf), visit the capital with the huge Tree, level up by hunting and get your first riding mount. Train some more you get your flying mount at the flying mountains (which isn’t anything new, of course). And then you get your epic flying mount which makes you the talk of the town, only to mount a defense against a raid by the opposing faction.

Yes there was a GaX article on this. But please ignore the comments, idiocy abound.

All in all, James Cameron made a good decision to hold production of this movie up until now. It really is a treat for the eyes. Oh and the sound too. Audio work was splending as well, together with the soundtrack by James Horner made up for the atmosphere. Very tribal and nature. Like… like Red Indians and a particular movie, haha.

Well it’s hard not to make comparisons with the two, but they are both great movies in their own right. I am definitely buying this movie once it comes out on Blu-Ray.

Alright this shall be enough for today.
Sorry that there’s no pictures or even a YouTube video for song. There’s lots of that in the previous post, ahaha.


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