If only I had known earlier.
In any case, I hope to meet some interesting people this Wed evening during the workshop.

Post a tad short so I’ll append to it. Having had close to a month of so-called freedom, here are some of the things I missed about camp:

(1) Solitude
We don’t have to stay-in all the time but I usually choose to. So I’m just one among a handful of people along the entire floor. Also, I sleep alone in the bunk more often than not. Basically peace and quiet and ability to prance to the showers and back in nothing but a towel.

At home, how I dream.

The cookhouse food is good, far from the horrors on that island far away. I particularly like the fish since it’s usually a fillet, steamed or fried. I like my fish boneless so this is the period of my life where I have consumed the most fish, haha. Veggie soup is awesome when available; love the mushrooms. Chicken always fried though, sadly. Oh and fruit!

(3) Exercise
At home the only exercise I get are with my hands. Uhh, think what you will, haha. Then I spend the entire time putting my eyes through strenuous tests. In camp I move around a lot more. Oh and free gym when it’s not a dick-fest in there. I wanna bring home three of the machines :(

There’s a few more but these are my top 3. I only wish I could photograph in here. Then my camera hands-on time would be increasing rapidly. Sigh.

A few polytechnics are having open house this week. Hmm, kinda odd thinking of poly. Well, doubt I’d pursue a degree anyway. Prefer doing actual work than more studies; nothing but filler modules in some cases. Still, dunno which poly to go visit.

Money, money, money. Blah.
Gonna catch a movie then sleep. Also, I’m starting to like Joe Hisaishi as a composer a lot. Cant wait for that concert video.

I hope SOMA still has vacancy this weekend.


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