Ain’t Gonna Make A Sound

Om nom nom sand witch

"Not going in! Allergic to very smart people :("

A familiar sight

The cake is a--oh, there it is

Paternal grandfather's 80th birthday

I had to take a picture of it

Poly brochures. I can't decide what's more interesting: the covers or its contents

Look ma, no tripod!

Seemed interesting when I took the shot. A divide yet not at the same time, since they're both man-made. Uhh, yeah. Shrug

It actually turned out to my liking, this entirely random picture

I miss the nachos and salsa already. Credits to Amanda Koh for photo

Seriously... what is that?

I don’t know whether I’m feeling down today or am just dead tired from guard duty on Friday night. No matter. Shall go watch some Joe Hisaishi concert! Anyway I wanted to use “Work It Out” by MISIA for the post video but it’s not up on YT.


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